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    19 Tweets For People Who Understand That It's Basically Already Christmas

    You're ready to deck the damn halls right now.

    Fall is here. And for some people that means leaves, pumpkin spice, and comfy sweaters. But you're no fool. You know that the changing leaves signals one thing and one thing alone...

    1. ...that it's Christmas.

    2. You know that this is how the calendar really operates.

    3. And while your friends might not understand why you're already in the Christmas spirit...

    *Christmas music starts playing in the middle of September* friend 1: don't you dare friend 2: not again omg me:

    4. ...this makes perfect sense to you.

    5. You don't have time for the naysayers.

    6. Because you're sick of waiting.

    7. The time for celebration is now.

    8. Your Christmas-cheer levels are already off the charts.

    9. Because you're sick of everyone else being behind schedule.

    10. Your playlist is already queued up, and you're waiting to be handed the aux cord.

    11. You want to skip the insignificant opening acts and get right to the goddamn headliner.

    12. It takes every bit of willpower you have to resist pulling out your decorations.

    13. You're ready to take some hate for your controversial opinions.

    14. Because it doesn't matter. Christmas is coming, and soon our one true savior will return.

    15. (That savior being Michael Bublé, of course.)

    16. So don't let other people's judgment get you down.

    17. Let the world know you're going to blast that seasonal Bieber no matter what.

    18. Sometimes you might even question your own ridiculous levels of excitement...

    19. ...but remember, true Christmas joy is a year-round sport.

    Andrew Ziegler / BuzzFeed

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