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The Twilight Phenomenon: 10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Be Crepuscular

These stunning photos take sunsets to a whole new level.

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There's a reason photographers are drawn to sunsets and twilit scenery. With unique lighting patterns, transitional shadows, rare natural reflections, and stunning colors, it's not just a cliché to say photos nabbed at twilight are one of a kind.

Don't believe it? Check out these stellar examples, compiled for your viewing pleasure. You'll hardly be able to resist jumping up and grabbing the tripod after seeing all that twilight photography has to offer.

Via northwesternimages.wordpress.com

The long exposure here gives Washington's Olympic coast an eerie, ethereal glow. The purple haze saturation is best achieved at twilight, where long exposure can really capture the complex detail of dusk's many shadows.

Via ajragno.zenfolio.com

This is a shot that perfectly captures civil twilight, photographer lingo for the 20-minute period right around sunset where natural light is at evening peak. This photographer uses this ideal lighting to bring out the soft hues of lavender and pink for an understated but vibrant technique.

Via cybertao.blogspot.com

The use of dark foreground in this desert shot adds another compelling advantage to twilight photography. The eye is drawn in equal parts to the landscape balanced out by the turquoise sky, with the faint light of the setting sun rounding out depth.

Via iloveusny.com

This pastoral shot gives another example of the range of sunset twilight photography. With lateral lines that compartmentalize the shot into two distinct segments, the drifting sunset is the centerpiece to a stunning blue sky.

Real estate photographers are familiar with the power of twilight photography, particularly when it comes to capturing the essence of a property. A specialist from Obeo says twilight images make home listings stand out to potential buyers. This is far from surprising—the warm glow of light from windows juxtaposed with the peaceful, dimming light of the dusk creates the perfect setting for a welcoming home.

Via shafir.info

The inevitable nighttime darkness doesn't mean your pictures will turn out that way. Using low-light settings, as in this photo, allowed Times Square's bright, booming lights to show off their full palette at the cusp of dark.

Via theecologist.org

This mountain silhouette peaks during a rainy sunset moment where just enough light breaks through to illuminate the forest. At the same time, the measured ISO sharpens the cloud rims, darkening them to create an almost ominous mood. The results are a breathtaking, if not somber, sunset.

Via molepeople.wikidot.com

When iconic London landscapes meet long exposure, the results are bustling bursts of color and movement. With ultra-long shutter speeds able to blur together motion, night shots suddenly have a lively pulse that can bring a picture to life.

Via delaneywma.wordpress.com

The bleeding reds and oranges of this sunset shot are the exact kinds of rich hues achieved with filters. Taking the colors already present, the exposure installment takes everything to the next visual level.

Via high-resolution-wallpapers.com

Skilled photographers have long provided us with beautiful night shots of desert landscapes. But it's the combination of the landscape’s warm earth tones centrally juxtaposed against the diamond cosmos that makes this shot so unforgettable, a method that can only be achieved through patiently pointing a camera and knowing how to capture the twilight.

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