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The Seven Strangest Things People Are Doing In The Name Of Fashion

Fashion has a reputation for being nonsensical. After all, it's about novelty and innovation. Fads pop up and fade away so quickly nowadays that some people will do anything to keep up with the current trends. These strange fashions are the result.

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"Toe-besity" Surgery

Toes are called piggies for a reason: they're often chubby little things. Up until now, that's always been normal. Recently, however, podiatrists have begun reporting that people are requesting surgery to slim down their toes.

Ear Pointing

This Tolkienian trend is hot in body modification circles. Elf ears are commonly seen in fairy tales and fantasy novels, but they're becoming more and more popular in the real world. This procedure is typically performed by a body modification specialist and involves cutting and reshaping the ears so they point at the top.


It was only a matter of time before tattoo aficionados ran out of un-inked skin. Some dental offices are now offering to add a decorated cap to your mouth, tattooed with whatever will fit on the pearly white's surface.

Bagel Head

This strange trend started in Canada and was soon grabbed up by a Japanese underground scene. It involves injecting saline into the forehead, then applying pressure to the center, creating the strange impression of a bagel or a doughnut.

Eyeball Jewelry

Here's a unique place to wear a piece of jewelry: your eye. Though it's currently only legal to implant (yes, that's right--implant) eyeball bling in the Netherlands, those who perform it claim that it is a completely safe procedure.

Eye Tattoos

Eye tattoos are sometimes medical, correcting vision or adjusting the appearance of the eye after an accident. Other times they're fashionable. Some have tattooed the whites of their eyes to a different color entirely, creating an eerie, otherworldly appearance.

Teeth Sharpening

This scary-looking trend actually has traditional roots. In some cultures, it's used to mark adulthood or enhance female beauty. The fang-like trend is even scarier when you learn that, according to a dental expert from Polo Park Dental Centre, sharpening makes teeth more vulnerable to disease and decay. Some of those who undergo this procedure are merely vampire fans and choose to only sharpen the canine teeth, while others have each tooth filed to a vicious point.

Though strange, these fashions are also evidence for humanity's unending creativity. Fashion will probably never get boring, with new trends arising as people find new ways to both fit in and differentiate themselves.

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