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Ten Reasons Why Canada Is Your New Favorite Country

Oh, Canada! Who wouldn’t love Canada? It is a friendly country where you can order poutine at a local diner. There are countless wonderful things about Canada, and here are some of the best:

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Beautiful Scenery

Canada is a beautiful country, with spectacular scenery from Newfoundland, to the Yukon, and all the way to the forested Pacific Coast. The Canadian Rockies are majestic, and Banff National Park is an extraordinary place to visit. All across Canada, you can hike, swim, camp and enjoy breathtaking scenery. Since the country is not densely populated, there are vast stretches of unspoiled land to discover.

Superior Education System

Canada has an excellent educational system. The government generously allots resources for education to ensure its young people have the best in schools and teachers. In two provinces, school attendance is compulsory until the age of 18, and some teens return after their senior year to take a thirteenth year. University and community college educations are available for reasonable tuition.

Canada is Safe

Serious crime is rare in our friend up North, with the homicide rate being extremely low for its population. Some of this is often attributed to low inflation, low unemployment, and good welfare programs. While all that seems reasonable, perhaps the stereotype of the polite, not-a-criminal Canadian holds true.

There Is So Much to Do on Vacation

Visit the national parks, take in a world-class rodeo, or go skiing. Fishing, hunting, and camping are abundant across the entire country. Go whale watching at the Bay of Fundy, between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Learn to dog sled or ride a snowmobile in the Yukon or Northwest Territories. Take a step back in time as you visit Old Quebec City. Canada’s cities are sophisticated, eclectic and diverse. If you haven’t vacationed in Canada, you are missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

The Money is Super Cool

In Canada, the money is colorful (or colourful, if you are Canadian) and interesting. A dollar coin is called a “loonie,” because it has a loon stamped on one side, and a $2 coin is called a “toonie.” The bills are brightly colored, so it is easy to distinguish between denominations. The Canadian penny is no longer in production, so if you get one in change, hang on to it.

If it’s Good Enough for Bigfoot, it’s Good Enough For You

The Sasquatch, more commonly known as “Bigfoot”, is sighted multiple times a year in Canada. While acknowledging that Bigfoot may just be a legend or folklore, what better place is there for it to live than the gorgeous, expansive Western territories of Canada?

Environmentally Friendly

Canada’s water and air are among the purest in the world. Expansive rivers and lakes provide Canada with the cleanest water on the planet. Canadians have the longest life expectancy of all North Americans and there is very little pollution, even in the major cities.

Canada is a Melting Pot

Diversity is the norm in Canada. Many children learn both French and English in schools, and people from all corners of the world are present, particularly in the major cities. The Canadian attitude towards cultural differences tends to be forward-thinking and tolerant.

The Health Care System is Healthy

Canada’s health care system is publicly funded, with the government footing around 71% of the bill. While this system can lead to a long wait for some services, health care is available for all Canadians.

The Big Cities Rock!

The major cities in Canada are sophisticated, interesting, and diverse. Cities, like Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, celebrate the various ethnic differences. You will find amazing foods, culture, and art in large, multicultural neighborhoods.

Canada is like a breath of fresh, cool Northern air in this sometimes bleak world. Move this most spectacular of nations up to the top of your "Places to Visit" list and go experience this amazing country!

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