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Ten Awesome Personal Touches To Add To Your Wedding

Because no one ever says, "That was such a great cookie-cutter wedding!"

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Only brides understand the overwhelming pressure there is to have a "traditional wedding". No, this doesn't just mean wearing white and a veil—oftentimes, family and friends will talk a bride into sacrificing some of her own wants for the sake of tradition. If this sounds like the wedding you're planning, never fear! There are plenty of awesome ways to satisfy everyone's expectations while adding your own personal touch to the mix! Don't look back on your day with "I should have"—use a few of these amazing ideas to commemorate your wedding day.

1. Include the family


Have relatives send you their wedding pictures for you to add to each table—you shouldn’t have any trouble getting them to participate, as everyone loves telling stories and reminiscing. Putting the photos in silver frames will add a classic feel.

2. Ditch the Guestbook


Polaroid guest books are a creative way for everyone to add to the bride and grooms wedding. Have someone snap a picture and have the guest sign it. This will also give them more wedding memories. Another twist of this idea is to save the pictures and paste them on canvas so it can be framed and hung on their wall as a memory of their wedding.

3. Decorate your Aisle Runner


Make an aisle runner to showcase your love story; from the first date to now. Adding childhood pictures of you and your spouse for a walk down the aisle will showcase your journey to finding each other.

6. Attire


Don't worry about having to find something blue. Wear whatever you want—you’re the bride, and if you can have it your way at Burger King, you’d better be able to have it at your wedding. Add a secret message to your future spouse’s jewelry or cuff links as a thoughtful way to integrate even more memories on your big day.

7. Wedding Programs


Transform your wedding program into a newspaper for a vintage look. Or, if vintage is still to mainstream, have them carved into stone tablets for a chic Stone Age theme! Keep your guests in the know by having your pamphlet say who is who in the wedding party.

8. Make Your Cake Your Own


Turn your wedding cake into a delicious remembrance of your partnership with some unique wedding cake toppers. These don’t just have to depict you and your spouse-to-be—other options include birds and artistic depictions of romantic themes.

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