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Hang 10: The Best Surfing Destinations On Earth

Tired of catching the same old waves? Not anymore!

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From the untouched, hidden cove that you have to take an oath of secrecy to enter to the world-famous beach where you're one of thousands riding the swell, finding that perfect surfing destination is one of the most rewarding experiences a surfer can have. If you're looking for the best locales to catch that perfect wave and hang ten, check out these ten beloved surf spots.

Manu Bay, New Zealand


The site of the 1960s surfing movie "Endless Summer," Manu Bay offers waves ranging one to three meters high, and is located near the mellow town of Ragland. This is great place to go if you're looking for a more laid-back, nostalgic surfing experience.

Hainan Riyuewan, China


China isn't typically known for its surfing, but that's the appeal of this spot. With tropical beaches and consistent, uncrowded waves, this is another perfect surfing getaway for those who aren't searching for the biggest waves around.

Rincon, Puerto Rico


Though no longer an undiscovered gem for surfing, Rincon still offers impressive waves and a chance to mix it up with the locals. You can even pick out the best surf from the top of a nearby hill.

Montanita, Ecuador


The combination of great waves and friendly locals in this small town of just 1,000 residents makes Montanita an alluring and hidden surfing venue. There are plenty of small cantinas around where you can grab a cocktail and relax after riding the waves. According to experts from Montanita Estates, surfers are just beginning to realize the value of the uncrowded beaches in Montanita, so you’ll want to get out there as soon as possible.

Sur, Oman


Miles of breaking waves make Joe's Point in Sur an awesome spot to surf. With heights that suit beginners and professionals alike, this stretch will make you think twice before labeling the Middle East as non-surfing region.

Anglet, France


Les Cavaliers in Anglet offers a magnificent surfing layout. You can paddle up the calm side channel to catch the killer waves on the far side of the breakwater. Watch out for local pros, however, who can be very territorial over their waves.

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