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Fabulous Fall Drinks To Help You Forget That Winter Is Coming

With autumn comes apple-picking time, pumpkin harvesting, and celebrations around warm fires. Of course, no celebration is complete without a delicious drink or two to share with friends, toast good news with, and keep you warm until the cruel, frostbitten hands of winter enclose around all that was beautiful in the world.

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Crock Pot Pumpkin Spiced Latte


Just like your favorite cafe makes, but cheaper and in the right quantity.


•6 C milk

•4-6 C strong coffee

•1/2 C pumpkin puree

•1/2 C vanilla extract

•1/2 C sugar

•2 tsp cinnamon

•3 sticks of whole cinnamon


In your crock pot, combine milk and coffee. Whip together the pumpkin, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon in a big bowl. Mix. Toss in cinnamon sticks. Cook on high for 2 hours.

Pumpkin White Chocolate Frozen Hot Chocolate


While most fall recipes are warm, sometimes you want something cold. This drink is a great mix of hot chocolate and icy goodness.


•6 oz pumpkin spice Hershey Kisses

•1/4 C heavy cream

•1/2 C milk

•2 C ice

•whipped cream to top


Microwave unwrapped Hershey Kisses for 30 seconds at a time until melted. Mix 1/4 C milk and half and half until well blended. Blend mixture plus remaining 1/4 C of milk and 2 C of ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into chilled glasses and add whipped cream.

Apple Blossom


This apple drink is sweet with a maple finish. It is perfect for apple-picking season and will warm you right up with just the right amount of pizazz.


•1 1/2 measures applejack

•1 measure apple juice

•1/2 measure lemon juice

•1/4 measure maple syrup


Shake well and garnish with a thin slice of apple and a slice of lemon.

Washington Apple Cider


A delicious adult drink that's sure to please everyone with a sweet tooth and a love of whiskey.


•1 oz whiskey

•1 oz cranberry juice

•1 oz apple cider


Add ingredients to a shaker. To avoid dilution, use stainless steel ice cubes, like these from Bella Vita, to chill. Pour into your favorite drink glass and garnish with apple slices.

Any of these drinks will please a crowd at your next autumn gathering or be a pleasant addition to a quiet night in. The fall is a great time to relax and take time to appreciate the flavors and beauty of harvest season. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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