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Cogs And Cake: 10 Of The Best Steampunk Wedding Ideas

Hold on to your top hats...things are about to get steamy!

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Steampunk has taken the offbeat wedding world by storm! Incorporating some Steampunk-inspired ideas into your wedding can add a fun, memorable flair to the whole day. Even if you're not completely sold on the idea of using cogs and oil lamps as centerpieces, a look at some of these gorgeous steampunk wedding ideas might just change your mind.

Pile on the Pearls


Pearls are traditional wedding wear, but traditional doesn’t have to mean pedestrian! Take inspiration from Steampunk fashion and add them in some in unexpected ways—on arm bands or head pieces, they can add a unique and funky touch.

Don't Forget the Groom


Men’s Steampunk fashions are perfectly suited to a Victorian-inspired wedding. Top hats, cummerbunds, monocles and long-tailed coats will turn the groom and groomsmen into dapper, Old World gentlemen.

Overdo It


There are plenty of ways to add some subtly Victorian-inspired panache. But why settle for subtlety? The Victorian era was all about luxury and opulence! From tiny details like cog-shaped cufflinks and industrial chic necklaces to chandeliers made of antique telescopes, the world is your pearl-packed oyster with Steampunk decor.

Stir In Some Accents


Decorating is always fun, and Steampunk artistry opens up some exciting avenues of expression. Search for mechanical accents, old candle sticks, crystals and all sorts of antique-like knick-knacks to incorporate into your wedding theme.

Gear Up for Commitment


Gears are a staple of the modern Steampunk aesthetic. Interlocking cogs make a great analogy for marriage, representing two separate entities joining to turn effortlessly and in unison. Incorporating these symbols into your wedding can be a poignant (and “steamy”!) expression of your love.

Be Your Own Cake Boss


The wedding cake is not only a gastronomical delight, but also a piece of art. It's easy to incorporate your favorite elements of Steampunk into a cake design. Try coloring it boldly black and white or use an asymmetrical design to get a one-of-a-kind look.

Give the Gift of Steampunk


Wedding favors are a fun way to give Steampunk memorabilia for your loved ones to take away from the party. Consider giving your guests pocket watches or skeleton key bottle openers from Janet Castillo for a gift as unique and memorable as your wedding.

Adventures in Retrospective Gastronomy


The wedding dinner offers a great opportunity to add a dash of Steampunk! Classic Victorian foods like pot pies and puddings, when served with an eye-catching steampunk flair, provide a delightful way to connect your dinner with the ethos of the movement.

Learn to Love the Lamp


Consider incorporating moody and sultry sources of illumination. Use candlelight, gas lamps or velvet-shaded lamps to create a Victorian ambiance.

With Steampunk, your wedding can be fun, quirky, creepy-cool, slightly macabre and totally classy all at once. Don’t hold back—Steampunk is about artistry and fun, so have a good time with it!

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