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10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats (At Some Stuff)

The debate about whether dogs or cats make better pets is a longstanding one. There are many reasons, however, why anyone who has really studied this question objectively will choose dogs. Let’s look at the ten top reasons why dogs are superior to cats.

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1. You Can Take Dogs Places

You can take dogs almost anywhere. You can walk them around your neighborhood or in the park. They enjoy taking drives. Dogs even love frolicking at the beach. Can you imagine taking your cat to the beach? If you’ve ever seen anyone walking a cat on a leash, they look pretty silly. Isn’t it better to have a pet you can actually leave the house with?

2. A Dog Will Protect You

Even if you don’t have a ferocious guard dog, even the average mutt will defend its owner. At the very least, a dog will bark to warn you of impending danger. Cats, on the other hand, will remain oblivious while your home is being burgled or crazed home invaders are kicking in your door.

3. Dogs Are Easy to Feed

Dogs are seldom finicky eaters. A cat, meanwhile, will often condescendingly refuse to touch anything but one particular brand of cat food that it prefers for some unknowable reason. A dog will be grateful for any grubs you throw its way.

4. Dogs Don’t Require Litter Boxes

Even the most avid cat lover will have to admit that litter boxes are unsanitary. No matter how often you clean them and how much room deodorizer you use, there’s always that cat smell in the house. A dog at least has the good manners to do its business outdoors.

5. Dogs Are Happy to See You

It’s a great feeling to be welcomed like a returning hero, even if you’ve only taken a short trip to the mall. A dog will enthusiastically greet you every time you walk into the room. A cat, on the other hand, only shows its affection when it wants to be fed.

6. Dogs Are Playful

Dogs are fun to play with. You can play ball with them or watch them catch a Frisbee. Dogs are like fun loving kids that are always eager to have a good time. Sure, you can entice a cat to swat at a piece of string, but how much fun is that?

7. A Dog Can Save Your Life

Even if you’ve never watched Lassie, you’ve probably heard of dogs saving their owner’s lives. Dogs have been known to defend people from wild animals, warn people of impending danger and even look for help when their owners are incapacitated. A cat would definitely consider saving your life beyond the call of duty.

8. Dogs Will Fetch Things

With a little bit of training, a dog is more than happy to fetch you a toy, a newspaper or even a cold beer. If you tell a cat to fetch something, it will only look at you like you’ve lost your mind.

9. Dogs Solve Crimes

Dogs are commonly used to find missing children, sniff out drugs at airports and even thwart terrorist attacks by finding bombs. Dogs are natural crime solvers. If a cat ever solves a crime, it’s purely by accident.

10. Dogs Help to Keep You Fit

Walking has been identified as one of the healthiest activities, and when you own a dog you are compelled to walk it. Dogs are equally good companions for jogging and will even run beside you while you ride a bicycle. Cats, on the other hand, will encourage you to sit on the couch until you become the couch.

Informational Credit to Brimley-Lawrence Animal Clinic

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