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The Latest iPhone Commercial With Cookie Monster Is Genius, But There's A Problem

This proves that Cookie Monster really can't handle himself around cookies.

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The latest iPhone commercial is adorable and has a great plot

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The commercial begins with Cookie Monster placing cookies in the oven where he turns around and tells Siri to set the timer for 14 minutes. Later he tells Siri to turn on his waiting playlist, which plays Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle." Time passes by where he turns the oven light on and off, spins the ring for measuring cups around his finger, has a puppet show with oven mitts and eats flour and a wooden spoon. He could have at least saved time by starting to clean up the kitchen. After going outside, he asks Siri again what time is it where it reveals that not even a minute has passed. It ends with Cookie Monster in Agony. Pretty cool right? Well there's one problem.

There's cookies already in the kitchen

Apple with edits by Emma Hawes

There's two packages labeled chocolate chip cookies and possibly three cookie jars. However, there are at least two jars that have cookies in it. He could have at least gotten a little snack if he wanted a cookie that badly. Let's give Cookie Monster the benefit of the doubt that he just really wanted hot cookies out of the oven. After all, that is the best type of cookie. Even with this error, we will still probably watch this on YouTube this commercial 6 times in a row.

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