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Nashville Agency Creates An Interactive Home Alone Window Display

You can even choose Michael Jordan.

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We all remember this scene. / Via redpepper

The Wet Bandits will not break into the Nashville office of redpepper this holiday season. The advertising agency recreated one of Kevin McCallister's pranks of the fake people roaming around the house. Visitors can choose a character through the website

The folks at redpepper wondered how to make Kevin’s homemade security system and turn it into fun so the neighborhood could play with using their smartphones. The silhouettes included in the display are reindeer, dancers, snowmen, gingerbread and of course Michael Jordan. An employee, Ryan Dunlap, came up with the idea for the window display. MeteorJS, a projector, coffee, magic and Christmas cookies is what redpepper says makes Home Alone Holidaython work.

Dunlap came up with the idea five years ago, however, due to the former location of their office, the idea could not be executed. Each year redpepper tries to create something interactive each Christmas. One year, they put touch sensors in Jello so it was like people could create Christmas music. Due to other client work, Dunlap could not create the project so his coworker Matt Reed created it.

At 7 years old, Dunlap remembers his father picking him up at school to see the movie in the theatre. "It's fun to see people react to the nostalgia, which speaks to people of my age group. I am appreciative to see my memory with the film come to life," Dunlap said.

The office is located on 305 Jefferson Street in Nashville, Tennessee. Redpepper has not decided when the display will end, but Dunlap said it should stay up until New Year's Day. / Via 20th Century Fox

Now you must go see the window display.

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