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Mississippi Restaurant Has A Fifty Shades Of Grey Promotion For Cheese Fries

Chef Ty will serve you now

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The Bin 612 / Via Twitter: @Bin_612

Bin 612, also known as The Bin, is a restaurant and bar located in the Cotton District in the college town of Starkville, Mississippi. Chef Ty Thames and a local attorney Brian Kelley co-own The Bin along with several other restaurants in Starkville. The Bin is known for its cheese fries. They are not only sold during the day, but know it's on the late night menu. However, after the premiere of 50 Shades of Grey, Chef Ty created 50 Shades of Cheese Fries. Each day Ty features a different variety of cheese fries on Twitter with the hashtag #fiftyshadesofcheesefries.

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