16 Reasons Why Claire Underwood Is Your Favorite Character On House Of Cards

Am I really the sort of enemy you want to make?

1. She makes wearing high heels look easy

Plus, she can rock the Louboutins.

2. She is a humanitarian

She’s the former CEO of the Clean Water Initiative.

3. Only Claire can push someone against a wall

And give someone a hug a minute later

4. She inspires you to work out

5. She proves that sometimes you just need a glass of wine

6. She’s not the only lady with the surname Underwood who has great legs

7. She’s good with children

Just giving advice to Peter Russo’s children in the midst of a his scandal.

8. She can get herself out of trouble

Behind every great man is a woman with blood on her hands.

9. You love her relationship with Frank

Between work and everything else, they just love each other.

10. Her husband even has a quote about her

Hail to the Chief.

11. She makes you want to wear business attire

12. She doesn’t look bad with glasses

13. She loves coffee too

14. She grew up on a ranch with horses

Every girl wanted a horse when they were little.

15. She’s one smart woman

She has her bachelor’s degree in environmental health and chemistry from Harvard. As well as her master’s in public health from Harvard.

16. She proves it is acceptable to choose your outfit while looking in the mirror

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