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What’s The Best Meal Around The World For Under $25?

Tell us about the best meal you've had (and the name of the place!) that was under $25.

Traveling is great — but the spending once on vacation can QUICKLY add up. So what's the best cheap meal you've had among your travels, and where?


The only requirements:

— The meal cost less than $25.

— It was amazing.

— That's it!

Maybe you've been to La Carraia in Florence where you can get a BIG scoop of gelato for just one euro.

Or you still dream about Raan Jay Fai in Bangkok and their understandably famous $12 drunken noodles that won chef and owner, Jay Fai, a Michelin star.

A $12 Michelin-star meal?! **Runs to airport**

Perhaps you really try to re-create meals from Luella's Southern Kitchen in Chicago, like their renowned $16 buttermilk fried chicken and waffles. But it's never quite as amazing 😕.

Maybe you always stare at photos from your visit to the original Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong, just to remember those deliciously juicy $2 dumplings.

Btw, this spot also won a Michelin star!

Tell us about the best and *cheap* meal you've had while traveling (and where they are), and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

New Line Cinema

If it cost you $25 or less, was DELICIOUS, and is on our planet, it's fair game!