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What’s The Best Meal Around The World For Under $25?

Tell us about the best meal you've had (and the name of the place!) that was under $25.

Traveling is great — but the spending once on vacation can QUICKLY add up. So what's the best cheap meal you've had among your travels, and where?

Maybe you've been to La Carraia in Florence where you can get a BIG scoop of gelato for just one euro.

Or you still dream about Raan Jay Fai in Bangkok and their understandably famous $12 drunken noodles that won chef and owner, Jay Fai, a Michelin star.

Perhaps you really try to re-create meals from Luella's Southern Kitchen in Chicago, like their renowned $16 buttermilk fried chicken and waffles. But it's never quite as amazing 😕.

Maybe you always stare at photos from your visit to the original Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong, just to remember those deliciously juicy $2 dumplings.

Tell us about the best and *cheap* meal you've had while traveling (and where they are), and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!