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How Do You Make Salads Something You're Actually Excited To Eat?

Tell us how you make salads something you're actually happy to eat.

Salads bring up a lot of mixed feelings. You either hate them, love them, or just eat them from time to time to remember how vegetables taste.

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But they don't have to be just piles of iceberg lettuce and diced tomatoes! What are some ways *you* make your salads taste more exciting?


Maybe you have a favorite dressing that really brings in all the flavor.

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Or perhaps you add some meat to really *beef* up the dish and make it feel less like a pile of lettuce.

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You could be using ingredients that most of us never even thought to consider 😱.

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You might even take the time to add spices to all your ingredients so each bite has an exciting ~kick~!


So tell us your tips and tricks for making salads a dish you actually look forward to eating for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!