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31 Ways To Transform Your Home Away From Home

You don't need big bucks to live in style.

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1. Set a theme — it'll tie the room together and make everything look ~naturally~ organized.

2. Make a spa-like vibe with an aroma oil diffuser.

Promising Review: "The seven color lights flow soothingly into each other, and can be very relaxing to watch. I particularly like the wood look because it fits nicely into any décor without looking harsh." —Vicki

Get it on Amazon for $25.99+ (available in three colors).


6. Mount some mirrors on the wall to create space and reflect natural light.

Promising Review: "This was the final touch to open up the room using reflected light. These mirrors maximize the impact of both artificial and natural light without being overwhelming." —Rachel Burns

Get them on Amazon for $14.99.


10. Or install a clothing rod under a shelf to turn your clutter and clothing into decoration.

11. Place a bench at the foot of your bed for fashionable extra storage.

Promising Review: "Well-made, and super easy to assemble. I use this at the edge of our king-size bed as a pet step so the small dogs can jump up on the bed." —Ms. Bojangles

Get it on Amazon for $39.65+ (available in two sizes).


12. Subtly hide your mess by using an ottoman to seat friends and also store clutter.

Promising Review: "I love the fact that they can double as seating and keep soft blankets folded inside, as they have great storage." —Linda P.

Get it on Amazon for $53.99 (available in two colors).

13. Apply removable wallpaper to inexpensively transform your home in a way that won't anger the landlord.

Get them from $79.98 for four 25”x50” tiles and $118 for an eight-panel sheet for a 100”x145” total.

14. Or use removable wallpaper to add an illusion of stainless steel or marble to counters.


17. Use a storage cart as a cheap alternative to expensive shelving.

Promising Review: "It's sturdy, looks nice, and the handles on top were a plus to grab and go. The shelves are perforated and super smooth." —Joann MacMaster

Get it on Amazon for $25.99+ (available in two sizes).

19. Don't bother worrying about killing plants and replace them with convincing fake options.

Promising Review: "This is a gorgeous plant that looks very much like a live succulent. The plant arrived ready to go with no need to arrange the leaves." —Mommazon Prime

Get it on Amazon for $48.97.


21. Prop up an over-the-door mirror to make the most of every nook and cranny.

Promising Review: "I am a 62-year-young lady and was able to attach the brackets in about 10 minutes, no problems at all. The mirror looks great on the back of the bathroom door." —Florida mom

Get it on Amazon for $49.95 (available in two colors).

22. Treat yourself with trendy kitchen gadgets, like a French press, for a touch of luxury.

Promising Review: "I've been using this stainless-steel French press for a month now, and I'm very satisfied with the overall performance of this product. In fact, the screen on this press filters out more coffee sediment than any other press I've owned." —Billy

Get it on Amazon for $23.95.


24. Same goes for the rest of your stray belongings — pop them in some pretty storage baskets.

25. Buy a rug that covers the entire floor. Smaller designs (ironically) cramp the room.

Promising Review: "Rug was even nicer in person. Seems to be standing up to traffic of two people and two dogs. Great part about the coloring of this rug is that it helps to hide any small stains or spills." —Michael J. Rose

Get it on Amazon for $62.46+ (available in 30 sizes and in six colors).


29. Disguise a cheap table with a pretty tablecloth.

Promising Review: "Beautiful tablecloth that looks much more expensive than the actual cost! Great quality, and the fabric has a nice feel." —PennyL

Get it on Amazon for $45.99 (available in six sizes).

31. Stock up on your favorite wine or liquor with a bar cart to impress friends.

Promising Review: "This is a great, sturdy utility cart. I am using this for a bar cart and it holds more than 20 bottles of liquor (don't judge, lol)." —Andrea Pablo

Get it on Amazon for $35.99+ (available in four colors).