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20 Easy AF Ways To Make It Look Like You Got Your Hair Done

Soon you'll be able to start referring to your bathroom as ~the salon~.

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1. Transform your usual ponytail with fancy braids.

2. Define your natural curls for a no-fuss routine with an easy-to-apply creme.

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Promising Review: "This is my favorite curl product! Leaves your hair feeling soft and not crunchy at all!" —Amazon Customer

Get Bumble and Bumble BB Curl Creme on Amazon for $31.38.

3. Take a page out of Pride and Prejudice and secure your curls into a stylish bun.

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Get a 10-pack of strong-hold bobby pins on Amazon for $5.99.


4. Take a risk with bright hair dye to shake up your look without spending big bucks.

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Promising Review: "I've never dyed my hair before this, so I was nervous. But it's really easy to use, and I think it turned out well." —Kelsey

Get the dyes on Amazon: Punky Colour for $6.06 and Manic Panic for $9.86.

6. Spritz and run with a sea-salt hair spray that'll take two minutes to create full-blown waves.

Promising Review: "This is thus far my favorite of the salt sprays I have tried. Doesn't make my hair feel crunchy, and it smells great — like rose geranium." —Lenna

Get it on Amazon for $18.50 (available in two sizes).

7. Rely on hair gel for a shake and go beauty routine.

Promising Review: "This is my holy grail hair product. I'm serious. This forms my wavy hair into the curls it's meant to have. True to its name, it leaves my hair soft and touchable with noticeable definition. I'm a total shower-and-go type of girl, so this product is perfect." —ViviMarie

Get it on Amazon for $13.97.


9. Save your hair from daily frying by opting for a heated styling brush.

Promising Review: "The brush is lightweight, and makes doing the back of my head very easy. I also don't have to worry about burning myself." —Christine Umpa

Get it on Amazon for $18.99+ (available in three colors).

10. Stay on trend and in style with two super-simple buns.

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13. Invest in a whopping $10 curling wand to look like you spent $100.

Promising Review: "People always ask me if I use some expensive wand for my curls, but no, it's just a simple one-inch curling iron!" —Liz G.

Get it on Amazon for $9.62+ (available in seven sizes).


16. Avoid hair damage from heated products by sticking to these flexible curling rods.

Promising Review: "I have hair to my knees. These really worked to curl my hair and last all day. The best part Is not frying my hair with heat." —Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $10.99.

17. Go old-school when it comes to big waves with hair clips and curlers for *big* effect.

Promising Review: "I love these rollers and don't use my hot rollers anymore. I get compliments on my hair a lot now. My hair would go flat with hot rollers after a few hours, but I don't have that problem with these." —Wen

Get them on Amazon: 10-pack of hair clips for $7.99 and 31 curlers for $8.74.

18. Fool people into thinking you're a braid connoisseur with some simple hacks.

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19. Give new meaning to head turning with a two-toned hairdo thanks to semi-permanent color.

Instagram: @lorealhair

Promising Review: "My daughter loves this! It was easy to apply, and the color has stayed firm after numerous washings and swims in the pool." —Jbird1311

Get them on Amazon: dark pink Colorista for $42.99 and light pink Colorista for $7.66.

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