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    34 Cute And Warm Tops You Need If You're Sick Of Sweaters

    Sick of knits? Don't ~sweat~ it.

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    1. A velvet open-shoulder turtleneck so you can avoid freezing sprints to the cab at your next holiday party.

    2. A mock-neck blouse with slit statement sleeves, because it'll be hard to be cold when you look *scorching*.

    3. A classic flannel you should feel free to wear every day, every winter, for the rest of your life.

    4. A cropped velvet hoodie for a Christmas miracle: loungewear that'll make you look fancy.

    5. A velvet pullover to throw Jack Frost off with your effortless sophistication.

    6. A playful sweatshirt with pom-pom sleeves to remind you of those days before your nose was its own icicle.

    7. A bold bodysuit blouse for a tie between how warm and stylish you'll feel.

    8. A sweatshirt with an embroidered collar, because you'll be on ~thin ice~ if you show up to work in pajamas.

    9. An off-the-shoulder top to bare witness to the fact that you can look cute and still keep warm.

    10. A cinched velvet crop top with bell sleeves to scare off winter winds with a major statement.

    11. A soft flannel hoodie so your coziness is always level Snuggie.

    12. A ruffled top for an upscale feel, even if you just slipped on a patch of ice outside. Don't worry, no one saw.

    13. A two-in-one pullover that'll prove sweatshirts and blouses go together as well as your ex and coal.

    14. A delicate peplum top with a frill mesh hem that'll make you okay with leaving your blanket fort just for a little bit.

    15. A cutout sweatshirt so you don't have the weight of keeping toasty on your shoulders.

    16. A metallic tiered ruffle top, because the holiday spirit doesn't mean you can't bring a little ~drama~.

    17. A fashionable open-shoulder top for yet another reason to count down the seconds until you can throw off your parka.

    18. A velvet dotted pullover to add a pop of color when the skies darken at 4 p.m.

    19. A trendy long sleeve shirt with a stylish back zipper to help you turn your back on dropping temperatures.

    20. A corduroy V-neck top that'll add both texture and coziness to any outfit.

    21. A cropped flannel peplum top so you always feel cute but bundled in a *cinch*.

    22. A striped puff-sleeve top to shrug off winter blues tapping on your shoulder.

    23. A pleated blouse with lace cuffs to always feel the best in snow.

    24. A chic ruffled sweatshirt that'll easily dress up the leggings you wear for the 10th day in a row.

    25. An embroidered velvet blouse so you're all dressed up with somewhere actually to go, because you have no fear of freezing to death.

    26. A velvet choker top, because a gorgeous wardrobe is the true definition of a winter wonderland.

    27. A casual colorblock sweatshirt for extra comfort when you look outside and are greeted by a wall of white.

    28. A denim smock top with puffed shoulders that'll make people think you're jeanius for taking a break from bulky sweaters.

    29. A faux fur sweatshirt that'll keep you so warm, you'll wonder why we ever evolved.

    30. An adorable peplum sweatshirt to focus on your look, and not what waits outside.

    31. A cozy babydoll top so it doesn't matter when gusts of wind flare up.

    32. A head-turning top with contrast trumpet sleeves to ~blow people away~ with your sophistication.

    33. A chic, statement-sleeved sweatshirt to sleigh your look without turning into an icicle.

    34. A striking lace-up blouse for days the idea of confining sweaters really ruffles your feathers.

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