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    31 Incredibly Gorgeous Engagement Rings That No One Else Will Have

    Suddenly marriage has a nice ~ring~ to it.

    1. An ethereal constellation to put your heart in full orbit.

    2. A crown band because you'll always deserve royal treatment.

    3. A cluster of diamonds that'll catch everyone's eyes (and probably their hearts, but you're engaged now).

    4. A rosy rock to feel like the ~crown jewel~.

    5. A striking set of sapphires for never a dull moment (on your hand, at least).

    6. A magical mini galaxy dreamt up just for you.

    7. A gilded gold band that never loses its luster.

    8. A mesmerizing moonstone so your ceremony won't be brought down by gravity.

    9. Some eclectic emeralds to leave people ~green~ with envy.

    10. An art-deco coupling that shine brighter when together.

    11. A dainty gold ring for when cuffing season becomes permanent.

    12. A distinctive diamond in a *happy* teardrop.

    13. A dainty array so pretty, you'll never want to *branch out*.

    14. A romantic rose with rocks, not thorns.

    15. A cosmic cluster of sapphires, diamonds, and topaz for a twinkling trio.

    16. A stunning sapphire so you never feel the blues.

    17. A dynamic duo that work better together than apart.

    18. A pear-cut gem for the apple of your eye.

    19. A constellation of starry stones that'll never fade away.

    20. A rare black diamond for a ring you'll want ~set in stone~.

    21. A brilliant triangle because all ~sides~ are pointing up.

    22. A set of captivating citrine for full sunny days ahead.

    23. A glittering double band, because two are better than one.

    24. A jet set of diamonds to match your still-dark soul.

    25. A dazzling diamond open band that will still always make ends meet.

    26. A radiant rainbow with its own pot of gold.

    27. A pair of rubies to really make that rock pop.

    28. A lotus flower for a blooming bauble on your finger year-round.

    29. An opulent opal to leave you constantly aglow.

    30. An unbreakable embrace for making your heart ~meld~.

    31. A crystal-clear stone that gleams different colors in the light.

    Oh, this old thing?