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23 Cuddly AF Products You Are Going To Want To Hug As Soon As Fucking Possible

Because puppies aren't always on hand.

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1. A soft steering wheel set so you never get road rage again.

Promising Review: "I love it. It's nice, soft, and fluffy. It was easy to apply to the steering wheel." —sultana

Get it on Amazon for $14.96 (available in eight colors).


4. A little of ball of joy for those times when no one is around to hold your hand.

Promising Review: "I've been wanting the Michael Kors fur ball keychain, but couldn't get myself to pay $50 for it. I'm SO glad I bought these instead! They are very cute, and are SUPER soft." —Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $7.35 (available in 14 colors).


7. An eclectic earring that'll tickle your fancy and maybe your neck.


14. A lush llama so the only trail is up a mountain of pillows.

Promising Review: "I adore this pillow. It's soft and well-made. I've named my pillow Llamar, and showed everyone I work with. I inadvertently started a llama revolution. My coworkers have bought many more llamas, which they have named and now love." —Posey_RN

Get it on Urban Outfitters for $49.


22. A shag rug for you to lie face-down on in the privacy of your own home, shame-free.

Promising Review: "We've had this rug for a few months now and am surprised at how well it's held up with two cats and a messy 7-year-old! Surprisingly, it is SO easy to clean!" —Chouette

Get it on Amazon for $23.70 (available in 12 sizes).