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    25 Things That'll Make It Easy AF To Decorate Your Home

    Even more reason to never leave your apartment!!

    1. A sheet of removable wallpaper with an easy-to-apply stick to make a space pop without the longterm commitment.

    2. A handy rolling cart that can easily be transformed into a quirky side table or bar cart.

    3. A wool rug in neutral shades (demanding the least amount of upkeep).

    4. A picturesque ladder that actually encourages you to drape your unused clothes and towels.

    5. A candle with wax that never requires cleaning, just let 'er drip.

    6. A large book that can double as a trendy tabletop.

    7. A fake plant that's truly *evergreen* (unlike the flowers that you accidentally murdered again).

    8. A striking set of window film to use as a brilliant addition to a sunlit room and to save you money on glass-cleaning supplies.

    9. A single, unique throw pillow for a quick update to an old sofa.

    10. A zesty lampshade as the one and only object needed to perk up a side table.

    11. A contemporary and extra-large hamper so weeks and weeks of laundry can pass without the unbecoming mess.

    12. A photo hanger kit for an artsy collage in one space to save you the struggle of filling in those pesky holes come move-out day.

    13. A cushy love seat made for the inner child who misses his beanbag chair.

    14. A distinct headboard to skip the task of finding wall art or decorative pillows.

    15. An end table with enough nooks and crannies to skillfully camouflage all your clutter.

    16. A dainty tablecloth to use as a subtle mask on a stained or worn down table.

    17. An individual large and powerful floor lamp made to save you money (and outlets).

    18. A vibrant tapestry for the whole wall, so your decorating is done in one pinning.

    19. A furry throw blanket (aka your new snuggle buddy who happens to stylishly cover a cheap sofa).

    20. A velvet pillow cover that ups your couch game in both decoration and beauty sleep categories.

    21. A bright ottoman to hide your mess and rest your feet.

    22. An assortment of lightweight mirrors to open up a room much better than your old poster.

    23. A collection of gold frames hung with ease, which look just as lovely when displayed empty.

    24. An oil diffuser with soothing lights and relaxing aromas to mellow out both you and your room.

    25. A small but charming table fitting for tiny kitchens.

    Take my hands. You need to let go of that "Live, Laugh, Love" sign. It's for the best.