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    Here's Everything You Need To Know About Mascara

    Your endless search for a clump-free life ends TODAY.

    1. Pick your mascara based on your ~lash priorities~. There's a specific kind of wand for every goal. Going for volume? Oversized is your friend. More about length? Rubbery shorty's meant for you.

    2. Use an eyelash curler before you apply mascara. This is especially great for those with shorter eyelashes, as it helps the mascara's wand latch on easier for a fuller effect.

    3. Choose your mascara based on your natural eye shape. Each formula is designed to accentuate specific features, so it's best to know which one has you in mind. For example, almond eyes benefit most from a mascara with a rubber comb for the best lengthening effect.

    4. When in doubt, turn to black! A good black mascara works for literally everyone, thanks to its bold finish that heightens all features and eye coloring.

    5. Add subtle definition to your eyes by "tightlining" your lashes. No you are not walking on tightrope. Just fill in the inside of your lashes with eyeliner to make them seem naturally fuller before you even put mascara on.

    6. Brush off flaked mascara pieces that pop up post-eyeshadow (insert frustrated screaming) by enlisting the help of a spoolie, which is just a funny word for a clean mascara wand.

    7. Avoid clumping while also drawing out your lashes to their fullest by prepping them with an Urban Decay lash primer. It'll condition each lash so by the time you apply mascara, they're already thick and long.

    8. Pause before *discounting* drugstore brands. Most of them are actually the ones with the highest reviews — and are even better than luxury options! You just need to do a little research beforehand to find 'em. Did we already do that? Duh.

    9. Consider a mascara that specializes in a smudge-proof formula if you're all too familiar with outer-corner smearing by the end of the day (hello, allergies). L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara has earned credibility to stay where it belongs — strictly on your lashes. Its major lengthening doesn't hurt, either.

    10. Bend your mascara wand to fully fan out your lashes. The wand will be able to reach the base of your lash line and stamp the roots, instantly achieving a widening effect.

    11. Combine the dramatizing effects of both packing on the mascara (we're talking lot o' layers) and emphasizing your brows with E.l.f Cosmetics Lash & Brow Clear Mascara for a put-together look that doesn't require any other makeup.

    12. Remove clumps post-application (no it's not too late) with an eyelash comb. This one both effectively separates your eyelashes and is shaped to contour around your eye so that it glides evenly and comfortably.

    13. Don't be afraid to play with color! It's all about finding the right balance to highlight *just* the right amount of bold. The easiest way? Pair the colored mascara with an eyeliner that’s a shade darker.

    14. If you have brown eyes, pair them with blue and green mascaras for a gorgeous contrast that'll make your peepers pop.

    15. Swipe on some purple mascara if you have green, blue, and hazel eyes to both bring out your already intense coloring. The bolder the better, am I right?

    16. Learn these symbols so you understand more than whether your mascara will lengthen or thicken. You need to know things like when it'll expire, too! And if you care about if something is cruelty-free, then these are the signs to remember!

    17. Remember your lower lashes! They can make or break how much your eyes pop. Try a specialty Pixi lower lash mascara that'll coat your bottom half without smudging.

    18. Warm up your mascara in a room-temperature glass of water. Strange, I know. But it'll heat the bottle just enough so that its formula glides on super smoothly.

    19. End the everlasting war of smudging with a super simple trick. Once finished applying mascara, gently pat your top and bottom lashes with your index finger. Whatever comes off is what would have ended up in your eye corners! Mission accomplished.

    20. Correct little mistakes when applying mascara with Almay eraser sticks. Each stick has a little bit of oil-free makeup remover to gently rub away stray smudging (all without ruining the rest of your hard work).

    21. Wiggle the brush back and forth from the root of your lashes (like you're brushing your teeth!) if you're going for bigger than big volume.

    22. Make sure you wash off your eye makeup every night! Yes you're tired, but do you really want red eyes in the morning (from BACTERIA)? Nivea cleansing wipes are gentle, fast, and super easy!

    23. Don't feel like searching the World Wide Web for a mascara that matches your price point, lash needs, eye sensitivity, and more? Makes sense. Good thing we have a quiz that does all the hard work for you!

    24. When shopping on Amazon for mascara, check out the customer review pictures. A really good mascara, like this CoverGirl LashBlast Volume mascara will have *tons* of before and after photos from happy shoppers. IRL proof that the mascara works!

    25. Check the expiration date on your mascara — they go bad sooner than you think! Most mascara kicks the bucket after being opened for three months.

    26. Be critical of mascara brands that claim to do it all. One tube can only include so many effective ingredients. If a formula is made for volume, it probably has to sacrifice length. So if you have a goal in mind, look for a specialty design!

    27. Thicken your lashes to the fullest extent by sweeping a little loose powder on before you apply mascara. People will wonder if you're wearing falsies, and you know what? LET THEM.

    28. Know your cruelty-free brands if that's a priority for you! Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara has been a cult favorite for over a decade for its super-effective wand that creates a naturally-defined, voluminous look.

    29. Think outside the box if traditional mascaras just don't work for you. Milk Makeup's Kush High-Volume Mascara features nourishing cannabis oil to hydrate your lashes for a healthier outcome (and elongating effect).

    30. Understand the hype behind ~fiber mascara~. What is it? It's a specialized formula with lengthening fibers to dramatically elongate the look of your lashes.

    31. Curl you lashes without needing an eyelash curler by using a curved wand. First apply the mascara with the curved side up to coat the lashes, and then flip it to hug the lashes and curl them. Same goes for the bottom lashes!

    32. Refrain from using waterproof mascaras everyday. They're tough to remove, which forces you to rub harder — eventually breaking your lashes. Opt for "water-resistant", like Glossier's Lash Stick. It's much gentler, and every bit as effective!

    33. Combine two mascaras together if you want the best of both worlds. Want to thicken AND separate your lashes? Apply a volumizing mascara first, and next a defining mascara.

    34. Try a mascara that specifically mentions "natural looking lashes" if you're going for the au natural look. Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara adds *just* enough volume to your eyelashes, while still letting you take the credit.

    Looking at yourself in the mirror after conquering mascara like:

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