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    26 Absolutely Perfect Thank-You Gifts For Every Situation

    Try not to keep these for yourself.

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    1. A Death Star waffle maker for your friend who helped carry your couch up a five-story walk up so you didn't have to pay movers.

    2. A gold bottle opener for your sister who proofread every single one of your papers this year.

    3. A hot cheese gun for your partner who built all of your furniture while you just sat there.

    4. A set of quirky socks for your coworker who covered your butt while you were "sick."

    5. A panda cookie mug for your classmate who ended up doing more than half the project.

    6. A set of agate coasters for your boss who let you use more than your allotted vacation days.

    7. A 90's trivia game for your brother who drove five hours just to visit you (he does love you!).

    8. A stainless steel mug for your neighbor who didn't complain when your party got too loud.

    9. A snow globe picture frame for your mom who took you on a much-needed weekend trip.

    10. A funny book for your friend who fake cried on the phone to rescue you from a horrible date.

    11. A mini arcade game for your cousin who helped you adjust to the city when you first moved.

    12. A lipgloss fidget spinner for your niece who walked your dog every day when you were away.

    13. A pack of money napkins for your unpaid intern who got you coffee all year.

    14. A hot dog toaster for your uncle who let you stay at his house for a month while you interned.

    15. A set of rainbow cutlery for your step mom who drove two hours just to deliver your favorite dish after a bad day.

    16. A mini Bluetooth speaker for your coworker who responded to your panicked late night emails while you were finishing a presentation.

    17. A kitty wool hat for your grandma who cared for your real life cat while you were on Spring Break.

    18. A terrarium for your aunt who didn't kill your plants when you were on a business trip.

    19. A cheeky book for your dad who did all your taxes for you (again).

    20. An R2-D2 vacuum for your roommate who cleaned the apartment by themself in the morning while you laid in bed hungover.

    21. A feline blouse for your best friend who brought a massive amount of chocolate and wine at midnight to help you with your breakup.

    22. An AirPods protective case for your step dad who fixed your TV when you were too cheap for TaskRabbit.

    23. A cookie dough sampler for your professor who mercifully extended your due date and therefore saved your life.

    24. A movie night in set for your partner who brought you Chipotle and didn't laugh when you were face down on the couch PMSing.

    25. A pug nail dryer for your friend who spotted you all week when you lost your debit card (again).

    26. A pack of bacon bandages for your nephew who quizzed you every weekend for your upcoming MCAT.

    Shout out to everyone who hasn't fled my life yet.

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