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    25 Gorgeous Sandals You Can Get On Nordstrom For Under $50

    All under 50 buckaroos.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

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    1. A super-comfortable crossover that'll make you want to toss your heels.

    Promising Review: "Love these! They're soft and comfortable, and don't rub at all." β€”JordanDo908

    Get them for $35 (available in five colors and in sizes 4.5-9.5).

    2. An incredibly soft slingback to keep your feet grounded but your head in the clouds.

    Promising Review: "These may be the most comfortable pair of sandals that I have ever owned. It feels like I'm walking on a cloud." β€”Brianna77

    Get them for $37+ (available in five colors and in sizes 5-11).

    3. A twinkling constellation so your pedicure is the star of your ensemble.

    Promising Review: "These shoes are stylish and soft. I love them!" β€”Gorggal

    Get them for $39.30 (available in three colors and in sizes 5.5-10).

    4. An animated sandal for a new take on ~statement~ pieces.

    Promising Review: "They fit well, are true to size, really comfortable, and well-priced! I wear them all the time at home as casual slippers, and they wear well outside, too." β€”MDFlux

    Get them for $29.95 (available in sizes 5-8).

    5. Some faux fur to get plush piggies.

    Promising Review: "Love it!! Very comfortable and makes your feet look so cute!" β€”Omgredsoles

    Get them for $39.95 (available in four colors and in sizes 5-9).

    6. A hot pink heel to really kick your outfit into high gear.

    Promising Review: "The heels are so easy to dress up or down. They're super comfy and easy to wear for long periods of time. I can wear them for hours at a time without any discomfort." β€”maraapat

    Get them for $44.98 (available in sizes 5.5-9.5).

    7. Some velvety lips if you don't mind a shoe that'll *mouth off*.

    Promising Review: "Love the colors and the soft sole. They are my new fave for summer road trips and shopping." β€”Soueluv

    Get them for $39.90-$49.95 (available in two colors and in sizes 5-10).

    8. A cheetah print with a low heel so you're still quick on your feet.

    Promising Review: "Love them! Very cute, and after wearing them on a long day of walking in the city, I can confirm they are very comfortable." β€”shantyviz

    Get them for $48 (available in two colors and in sizes 4.5-11.5).

    9. A shimmery jelly slide because glitter is really all we've ever needed.

    Promising Review: "They are so comfortable! I even wear these around home now." β€”Zumark

    Get them for $44.95 (available in 12 colors and in sizes 6-10).

    10. Some trendy tassels if you're on the *fringe* between dressy and casual.

    Promising Review: "I love these sandals! They are a triple threat: cute, comfortable, and fashionable!" β€”KrystleInGA

    Get them for $47.90 (available in two colors and in sizes 5.5-10).

    11. A rad rainbow so your summer is far from gray.

    Get them for $29.37 (available in two colors and in sizes 6-8.5).

    12. Some chic polka dots because black and white is your version of adding color to an outfit.

    Get them for $49.95 (available in sizes 6-10).

    13. Some beaded embroidery to stand out from the rest of your all-black closet.

    Promising Review: "I'm a fan of a nice stylish flat shoe." β€”Chan18

    Get them for $40 (available in sizes 4.5-9.5).

    14. A supportive wedge for a wobble-free strut.

    Promising Review: "Great wedges β€” wore them all day for a graduation, and didn't start to hurt until the evening. Full on wear for 10+ hours." β€”BPwedges

    Get them for $49.95 (available in three colors and in sizes 4.5-13).

    15. A gorgeous gladiator with suede straps so you never feel tied down.

    Promising Review: "By far the most perfect gladiator sandal I've found so far. It's soft and the straps don't dig into your leg. The soft suede is flat and just dreamy against your skin." β€”Olander1

    Get them for $43.96 (available in three colors and in sizes 5-9.5).

    16. A contemporary design as the answer to your prayers for a way to wear leather in the summer.

    Promising Review: "Love these sandals. They are so cushy and comfortable!" β€”Seadawg

    Get them for $43.90 (available in sizes 6-10).

    17. A bold lace-up that you'll never want to ~cut out~ of your life.

    Promising Review: "Great shoe. Very comfortable with just the right heel height to walk in." β€”Bway

    Get them for $49.90 (available in three colors and in sizes 4-13).

    18. A woven wraparound if you feel your ankles deserve more attention.

    Get them for $40 (available in sizes 4.5-11.5).

    19. A graceful gladiator that any Roman would duel over.

    Get them for $35.96 (available in three colors and in sizes 6-10).

    20. A distinct design to keep admirers on their toes.

    Promising Review: "Love these sandals! The material is soft, and they look great on!" β€”BrewSA

    Get them for $44.96 (available in sizes 6-9.5).

    21. A padded sole because you deserve to be swept off your feet.

    Promising Review: "These are the best shoes ever. I bought my first pair last year. After I wore them, I bought another pair, and now I have five pairs. I love these shoes! They are so comfortable!" β€”Carrollmom

    Get them on $37.95 (available in four colors and in sizes 5-11).

    22. A modern espadrille so you look classy no matter where your night leads.

    Promising Review: "Really like the fit β€” they look cute with just about anything. High-quality construction." β€”DelightedMumma

    Get them for $54.95 (available in sizes 5-10).

    23. A braided block heel with enough style to go to your head.

    Promising Review: "I love these sandals. They look so cute and comfortable. Perfect for spring and summer, as well." β€”mevillarreal

    Get them for $44.96 (available in three colors and in sizes 5.5-11).

    24. A luxe leopard that's light on its feet.

    Promising Review: "These shoes are so comfortable, and even cuter in person than online." β€”MrsKCB

    Get them for $35-$45 (available in sizes 4.5-11.5).

    25. A buckled block heel to gain new heights without sinking to the lows of painful arches.

    Promising Review: "These are very adorable. I love the wood look heel. They fit true to size." β€”lar1

    Get them for $49.96 (available in three colors and in sizes 5-10).

    If only Carrie had known these deals, then she wouldn't have watched her credit card get cut in half.

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