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    19 Subscription Boxes For People Who Don't Want To Grow Up


    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Sliime glops out quality goo for the next Slime Time contestant., Nickelodeon

    What you'll get: 4-6 varieties of slime.

    Price: $21+ per month.

    2. Pipsticks send you a stash of stickers every month to decorate your binders and folders for a middle school aesthetic.

    What you'll get: An "Adult Sticker Stack" designed for scrapbookers, snail mailers, and planners, as well as a postcard and paper goodies.

    Price: $9.95+ per month.

    3. Disney Magical Moment brings Mickey's crew right to your doorstep with goofy treats straight from Disney parks.

    What you'll get: 3-4 Disney treats plus a Mickey pin from Disney Park.

    Price: $35+ per month.

    4. Hue captures the *pigment* of your imagination by sending you adult coloring books.

    What you'll get: A box of heavyweight card stock paper with individually designed images.

    Price: $4.97+ per month.

    5. The Glittery Hands Box *craftily* assembles glittery supplies to bring arts and craft back in style.

    What you'll get: At least 15 items consisting of illustrated papers, stickers, coloring sheets, hand mixed sequins and glitter, an illustrated quote card, and craft supplies.

    Price: $18.88+ per month.

    6. Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company answers your childhood dreams (like flying or running away to the circus) with intricate, interactive trinkets.

    What you'll get: A themed "what if" question with related hand-crafted objects like jewelry, scents, stationary, and art.

    Price: $72+ per quarter.

    7. Club Scikidz Labs would have crushed your baking soda volcano with its themed experiment kits (like veterinary medicine, robotics, food science, and programming).

    What you'll get: Science and technology experiments, engineering projects, an interactive lab notebook, science supplies to build a home lab, and

    a science fiction and science surprise each month.

    Price: $34.95+ per month.

    8. Explore S'More takes you back to family camping trips with adventure gadgets to get the most out of the great outdoors.

    What you'll get: Pocket-sized blankets, silicon carafes, and a nature-inspired book.

    Price: $59.99+ per quarter.

    9. ZooBox is made for the animal lover who still squeals at fuzzy friends. Which is all of us.

    What you'll get: Animal-of-the-month stationery, DIY creative projects, edible animal treats, accessories, and a monthly prize draw entry, all of which support the World Wildlife Fund.

    Price: $20.14+ per month.

    10. AstroBox puts your fifth grade science project to shame with exploration missions and an *astronomical* amount of art and space fun.

    What you'll get: 5-8 items per box, such as books, games, plushes, and models, plus an Astronomy Unboxed magazine with mission news, night sky viewing, and other engaging activities. A 100% cotton t-shirt and astronomical art print is also in every box.

    Price: $59.99+ per quarter.

    11. Once Upon A Fairy Tale lets you live out your favorite bedtime story, whether that takes you to the highest tower or down the rabbit hole.

    What you'll get: A treasure box of themed jewelry and accessories for both kids and adults. The main themes are fairytales, fables, and myths from Hans Christian Andersen, Brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll, and more.

    Price: $19.99+ per month.

    12. Nostalgia Crate brings your favorite memories back to life.

    Furbies—they're still frightening.

    What you'll get: Actual toys and games from the 80s, 90s, and 00s, plus video games, trading cards, books, and comics.

    Price: $10 per month.

    13. Bocandy to spoil that sugar tooth you never lost with international candies.

    What you'll get: Five different themes/places to choose from, including Japan, Bulgaria, and Denver.

    Price: $9.99+ per month.

    14. Baseball Cards of the Month Club's custom made (and autographed) collectibles hits a home run for every MLB fan.

    What you'll get: A variety of subscriptions of MLB baseball cards, collectibles, and autographed cards.

    Price: $8.99 per week.

    15. Puzzle Box pieces game night back together with new challenges every month.

    What you'll get: Puzzles include jigsaw puzzles, Rubik's cubes and brain teasers, and toys.

    Price: $39.99+ per month.

    16. ComicMysteryBox calls your heroes from Marvel and DC Comics to action. Flashlight to read under the covers = not included.

    What you'll get: 15 vintage issues from Marvel and DC Comics per month.

    Price: $27.95+ per month.

    17. Escape the Crate transports you and your friends into dangerous territory with precious time to crack the case.

    What you'll get: One mystery box with complete storyline and tools per month.

    Price: $29.99+ every other month.

    18. UnboxBoardom proves that a good board game is still the perfect antidote to rainy day blues.,

    What you'll get: A monthly game that you can either choose or leave to surprise.

    Price: $39+ per quarter.

    19. The Bow-tiful Box dolls up your hair to quirky 'do's previously reserved for your American Girl Doll.

    What you'll get: Headbands and hair clips custom made to fit. Gameday and holiday designs available.

    Price: $35+ per month.

    Take THAT adulting.