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    26 Shamelessly Corny Ways To Spoil Your Significant Other

    No one's raining on your love parade. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

    1. An adventure book for Up fans who want to start their own expedition.

    2. A three-year Q&A journal to chronicle your life together.

    3. A message in a bottle that you (hopefully) won't need to send across the ocean.

    4. A mixtape pillow for anyone who wooed their S.O. through convincing soundtracks.

    5. A "Starry Night" umbrella so you can always have something to gaze at, even on rainy days.

    6. An gorgeous ode to Beauty and the Beast that doesn't come with a curse.

    7. A cute description of the fun transition from trying to act cute to polishing off a box of pizza in your underwear.

    8. Some plush slippers to prove they're your lobster.

    9. A personalized four-across game for a creative night in.

    10. A chocolate fountain, because every night requires a bomb dessert.

    11. A cheeky keychain that's really more for you, but they won't know.

    12. A heartfelt notepad as an easy way to keep the flame alive.

    13. A belle of a lipstick to watch each petal fall (with a happy ending).

    14. Some handy vouchers so every day is a chance for a spontaneous gift.

    15. A personalized vase of your wedding champagne to make the day last forever.

    16. A sweet short story from the poet who didn't know it.

    17. A bucket list of date ideas to avoid falling into a rut.

    18. A set of letters as a classic way to say "signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours."

    19. A book of cooking-for-two ideas...because sometimes the best dates are right at home.

    20. An iconic quote as a reminder to start kissing in the rain.

    21. A couple of flameless candles so you don't accidentally set yourselves on fire in the tub.

    22. A pair of cuffs that will probably make you cry and then cast a Patronus.

    23. Some wise words from Juno's dad in the form of a sticker.

    24. A stack of personalized rings so they can wear your love on their sleeve (er, finger).

    25. A love lottery for a cheesy twist on game night.

    26. A beautiful interpretation of the most romantic film known to man, until the end because we KNOW there was room on that raft.


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