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    34 Gifts That Are Prettier Than You'll Ever Be

    So you agree? You think you're really pretty?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pyramid jewelry stand that'll make even the cheapest accessories look like the *pinnacle* of fashion.

    2. A silk bow barrette, because we all need to feel like we're somehow going to Paris without starting a GoFundMe.

    3. A set of agate coasters for an aesthetic that'll be ~set in stone~ as soon as they hit your coffee table.

    4. A nude eyeshadow palette so you can throw some subtle shade at those who gave crummy gifts.

    5. A gold-plated corkscrew that could make even Barefoot chardonnay feel like you're *flying up* to a Chateau Margaux.

    6. A chenille beanie to always stay *on top* of your style without losing all your money.

    7. A 12-hour Fenty Beauty liquid lipstick, because we should all at least aspire to glow up to Rihanna's level.

    8. A set of vase magnets that'll freshen up your fridge, even if these are the only green things you have in your kitchen.

    9. An embroidered velvet bralette and panties to give your bod some lush treatment.

    10. A set of electric tea light candles for a table setting so sophisticated, you'll forget you're eating takeout.

    11. A pair of starry anklets, because wearing boots every day is going to need a cute update pronto.

    12. A boxed set of Jane Austen novels that'll bewitch you, bookshelf and soul.

    13. A gilded trinket dish so at least something is gold, even if it's not your jewelry.

    14. A set of ballpoint quills to scribble away worries of an uncomely desk.

    15. A rhinestone and velvet headband, because just for ONE DAY you'd like to feel like Blair Waldorf. A driver would also be nice.

    16. A pair of tassel earrings that'll be a real head turner — yours probably, as you stare into a mirror.

    17. A macaron storage box for anything from headphones to jewelry so everyday you can feel like you *treated* yourself.

    18. A scarf and earmuff so you'll look like you come to work with a private driver, not on an overcrowded subway.

    19. A golden S'well bottle to fill with champagne when water is just too common.

    20. A trio of art deco notebooks, because even if we don't have Daisy's exquisite wardrobe, we can still pretend we will one day.

    21. An enchanting candlestick that won't present a musical number to you, but it will make guests sing praise.

    22. A pair of *classic* socks so you feel as refined as a lady in high society.

    23. A box of deodorant wipes for a fashionable recovery when you get the nervous sweats. Goodbye, bathroom hand dryer.

    24. A china mug with a gold lipstick smudge to make your morning coffee more chic than cantankerous.

    25. A velvet pillow cover that'll make your cheap couch look like furniture from Versailles.

    26. A subscription to Birchbox so you can handpick which affordable beauty luxuries to pamper your face with each month.

    27. A metallic 2018 planner to make organization much more appealing. This will be the year!!

    28. A refillable perfume bottle with some vintage flair so you feel like an old movie star every time you spritz.

    29. A rhinestone crossbody bag that'll make your day a walking KiraKira filter.

    30. A set of floral makeup brushes, because it's easy to smell the roses when your vanity is in full bloom.

    31. A lipstick kit so your pucker is ready for a close-up every day.

    32. A gold foil mini calendar for a starry future that even the most ordinary desk can't ruin.

    33. A pair of wireless bluetooth headphones that'll sadly block out the sound of people's compliments but you'll already know how good you look.

    34. An embroidered phone case to make you almost want to answer your calls to show off its elaborate design.

    When someone says I don't need these:

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