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35 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A three-minute deep conditioner, hands-free umbrella, and 33 other favorite products from our recent posts.

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1. A fast-acting conditioner for salon-ready hair without the hair-raising price.

Instagram: @pantene

Promising Review: "I love the way this conditioner smells! Bought this after having some dry scalp issues due to the Brazilian treatment I did on my hair. This worked wonders for treating my dry scalp, and makes my hair smell amazing!" —Mickey19

Read our full review here.

Price: $2.98

2. A flowy maxi skirt that'll have you twirling into a dramatic entrance.

Promising Review: "So much better than I had expected! The fabric is an old-fashioned type of chiffon — so soft and luxurious that it makes other sheer fabrics feel downright rough. The skirt is well-cut with plenty of sweep, but it falls smoothly to the floor when standing still." —Darcy

Price: $19.99-$23.99 (available in 26 colors and sizes S-3X).


4. A major bomber jacket if you want to beat the dropping temperatures with a hot look.

5. A worldly storybook with 52 fairytales from a wide range of countries and cultures.

Promising Review: "Beautifully illustrated. I'm having a hard time not reading all the stories in one night. Perfect length for a nighttime story. Well-written, simple language, but also uses culturally appropriate vocabulary." —Adriana

Price: $14.47

6. A fashionable sports bra so you can break a sweat in style.

Promising Review: "I love this sports bra. It isn't too tight that it pushes your back fat through the straps, and you can still breathe. It looks great under my athletic gear, and it keeps the girls in place." —SoCal Girl

Price: $15.88-$19.99 (available in 10 colors and sizes XS-XXL)

7. An inexpensive BB cream for perfect but light coverage.

Promising Review: "Perfect for oily skin — goes on nice and smooth, and erases blemishes beautifully. I can't count how many compliments I've received on how nice my complexion looks." —Zain D

Price: $6.40 (available in five shades)


8. A pair of trendy sunglasses that throw serious shade at boring styles.

9. An acupressure mat as a cost-friendly solution to back and neck pain.

Promising Review: "I have suffered from lower back pain most of my life. I have two herniated disks and one bulging in the lower part of my back. After sitting all day in an office, my back starts to cramp. I come home and lay on this mat for about an hour, and it's like nothing I've felt before. My pain is gone. I can't imagine life without it now." —ana

Price: $39.97

10. Some imported Japanese bath salts for emulating a hot spring spa.

Promising Review: "I like this product because it makes you feel like you are in a hot spring. It does help with my muscle ache, and it actually calms me. I enjoyed using this over the weekend to wind down or de-stress from my very hectic work. It also makes your bathroom smells so good afterwards." —Domo Traveler

Price: $11.20

11. An informative read about how to handle your finances better, aka don't blow it all on Chipotle.

Promising Review: "Very clear and concise tips about managing your money and taking control of your finances. The rules in the book will not change — they are forever, so the sooner you get them started, the happier you will be!" —WPBIII

Price: $11.88 (available in paperback, audiobook, and Kindle)


12. An honest T-shirt for people who are sick of making up fake excuses.

Promising Review: "This shirt is perfect for me. I love that the graphics on it are vibrant and not washed out. It looks like the perfect cat T-shirt for anyone who loves their kitty." —Jennifer Sikora

Price: $4.70-$13.99 (available in sizes S-XXXL)

13. A plush mat because no one deserves a cold bathroom floor.

Promising Review: "Great price, comfortable on bare feet, bottom non-slip surface keeps it in place quite well. I have washed it a few times already, and it shows no signs of deterioration. Great for trapping cat litter or other debris, but the trapped debris is easily shaken and/or washed out." —Spike Malone

Price: $12.48 (available in five colors)

14. A two-pack of wrinkle releasers if folding clothing is the bane of your existence.

Promising Review: "This stuff is a staple in my house — I hang a wrinkled piece of clothing on the shower curtain rod, spray it, and give little tugs. It works great! I have never had it leave a mark, and it has a nice smell. This is so much easier than ironing, and I don't have to worry about damaging embellished shirts or blouses like I would with an iron." —Joanne C.

Price: $11.38

15. A lacey number as a classic option that'll easily transition into fall.


16. A helpful moisturizer that can be used right after showering, so you never forget this important step.

Promising Review: "I have always had dry skin, but hated having to apply lotion. I hate the way that regular lotion feels on my hands and skin. This wet skin moisturizer has turned that completely around. All you do is apply it to your wet skin right after you turn off the shower, and then dry off with your towel like normal. It is 100 times more pleasant to apply than traditional lotion. There is no greasy or oily feeling at all with it, and it smells amazing." —Arjun Patel

Price: $6.84 (available in four scents)

17. A jewelry cleaning machine to keep your bling in top condition.

Promising Review: "I had been dreading a trip to the jeweler to get my rings cleaned, but this will definitely hold me off for a while! I'm a nurse, and use a lot of alcohol foam on my hands, which leaves a bad residue on my diamonds. This took it all off. As shiny as the day we got married 14 months ago!" —Michelle

Price: $34.99

18. A pack of Playfoam so your kids can unleash their creativity without making a mess.

Promising Review: "This stuff is unreal! My 2- and 6-year-olds are obsessed! It never dries out, which I am very happy about! It gets left all over the place by my kids, and cleaning it up and sticking it all back together is easy peasy. So fun! Even the adults play with it." —T

Price: $7


20. A squishy mousepad for wrist support or just to satisfy your childlike need to poke everything.

Promising Review: "I've had this mousepad for around two months now, and I'm very pleased with it. The bottom is sticky so it doesn't slide around while in use, and it keeps my wrist elevated and comfortable." —Heather

Price: $7.99 (available in 11 colors)

21. A pair of comfortable pants with a dainty bow to look more dressed up than you feel.

22. Some silicone scrubbers that save time drying and don't cling onto bacteria.

Promising Review: "I like the way it cleans itself with little residue and dries fast. Unlike sponges, it does not hold mildew or food particles." —KD

Price: $15.99 for a set of five

23. Some organic dryer balls to save both money and the environment.

Promising Review: "These dryer balls are a wonderful invention! They reduce drying time by one-third. Clothes come out less wrinkled. They cut down on static cling, and can be used for over 1000 loads. The price I paid for these is nothing compared to the money I'm saving on electricity and fabric softener!!!" —AFear

Price: $11.99 for a six-pack


25. A delicate blouse with a bold effect, thanks to head-turning details.

Promising Review: "In love with this pretty top. The material is actually polyester, but looks and feels like silk. The delicate flower details are my favorite part of this gorgeous blouse." —Mad For Fashion

Price: $16.99-$23.99 (available in eight colors and sizes XS-L)

26. A heartwarming tale about everyone's favorite space cutie.

Promising Review: "My son has been obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy, and so this book is perfect. He's wanted to read every night, for two weeks. So I think it's definitely a winner. He also will pick it up randomly just to look at the pictures, which are super cute!" —German Girl with a Spanish Name

Price: $6.88+ (available as hardcover, Kindle, and board book)

27. A texturizing dry shampoo because let's face it, we both know you didn't wash your hair again.

Promising Review: "This stuff works better than the high-end salon brand I previously purchased. It lasts all day!" —MJTT

Price: $4.49+ (available in six sizes)


29. A healthy way to curl hair and avoid over-frying those locks.

Promising Review: "I love these rods! It's super easy to roll my hair with them. I can let my hair air dry, then roll it up. I got great results with no heat, and my hair was super shiny after I took the rollers out. They're also comfortable enough to sleep in!" —Corina Engelke

Price: $12.99+ for a 42-pack (available in two sizes)

30. A galaxy of swirling studs so your ears are never dragged down by gravity.

Promising Review: "I have really sensitive ears. I was looking for a good earring that wouldn't give me an infection, but also wouldn't bankrupt me. These are perfect. They're cute, and I can wear them for as long as I want and they still won't bother my ears." —Megan Place

Price: $9.99 for six pairs

31. An eye-catching maxi if you like drama, but only in your wardrobe.

Promising Review: "The material is good-quality and comfortable. Not see-through at all. The colors are vibrant." —Biers

Price: $15.99-$19.99 (available in seven colors and sizes XS-XXL)


32. An inverted umbrella with a handy hook so you can text with abandon, even in the rain.

Promising Review: "Love, love, love this umbrella. It allows me to have a free hand when walking the dog. It's large enough to protect me during rain and, recently, snow! What an ingenious design to have it invert so nothing gets wet when you close it." —tmarconi60

Price: $19.99 (available in 28 colors)

33. A tiny but powerful cleaning brush for pesky, hard-to-reach places.

Promising Review: "The uses for this product are almost endless. The brush bristles are extremely soft, and are good for usage on finishes that can easily scratch. The silicone wiper's chisel tip gives you incredible precision when working with smaller electronics." —ZapNZs

Price: $4.99

34. A set of glass containers because bringing leftovers to work can feel fancy if they're in upscale storage.

Promising Review: "The most amazing investment I've ever made. Food smell doesn't stick — you wash it, and it's gone! They're toxic-free — everyone needs to have glass containers." —Liza

Price: $36.97 for a set of 18

35. A hair styler to add texture and shine with minimal effort.

Promising Review: "My hair is frizzy and wants be to curly, but can't seem to get its act together, and ends up just looking like a hot mess. I am in love with how soft, bouncy, and finished my hair looks with very little effort on my part. I cannot recommend this product enough." —Elise OBrien

Price: $22.40