31 Pairs Of Tights That Are Better Than Your Actual Outfit

    *Throws out all my pants.**

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    1. Rhinestone tights, because you shouldn't lose your *shine* right after New Year's.

    2. Bright starry fishnets that'll make your style strengths as clear as day.

    3. Animal tights to show off your wild side while still keeping warm.

    4. Vintage-inspired tights with playful pointelle circles so your quirky aesthetic never ends.

    5. Floral fishnets, because life really blossoms when you choose to leave pants behind.

    6. Celestial-patterned tights that you'll want to keep in orbit all season.

    7. Bow lace thigh-highs to meet you *halfway* when you want to look extra-chic.

    8. Bold mesh tights so you can still look sizzling, even when the forecast is less than ideal.

    9. Colorful knitted tights, because Blair is still our Queen and could still check your wardrobe.

    10. Flowery tights that will never wilt on you even when it's suddenly below zero. WHERE IS THE SUN?

    11. Sweater-knit tights with swans to look graceful but successfully attack cold weather. TLDR: swans are actually terrifying.

    12. Snake tights for those of us who hiss at the thought of scratchy denim.

    13. Pelerine tights so you can say "let me slip into something a little more comfortable" without irony. Get out of here, jeans.

    14. Opaque ombre tights that'll make any outfit look like a work of art.

    15. Bold striped semi-sheer tights to hopefully scare away gray weather.

    16. Chevron tights for a pattern of winning best dressed every day at the office.

    17. Thick-knit sparkly tights so you can be both super-warm and fashionable. You can have it all!

    18. Floral lace tights that'll *grow* on you faster than any jeans could.

    19. Textured tights, because if you're going to wear all-black, all-year-round, you'll need to shake things up a little.

    20. Plaid sweater tights for feeling like you never left your bed (if only).

    21. Heart-print tights so you can always dress to your own beat.

    22. Patterned mock knee-high tights that'll make you the picture of great taste.

    23. Mesh tights with colored stripes to look sporty while walking to the bakery.

    24. Blooming white tights, because technically these could camouflage into the snow (disclaimer, frost bite is inevitable).

    25. Vibrant fishnets so you can stand out without putting a hole in your budget.

    26. Suspender-style fishnets to make you feel like you're Bond's next love interest (you would be number 76, btw).

    27. Glistening tights that'll help you shimmy into something fancy with minimal effort.

    28. Polka dot tights, because dressing cheerfully might make work fun — key word "might".

    29. Shiny neutral tights to easily upgrade your basics.

    30. Colorful fishnets so your ensembles never leave you feeling blue.

    31. Velvety tights that'll make you feel like you're in sweats, but look sophisticated. Dreams do come true.

    When you decide to wear pants instead: