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31 Stylish Pairs Of Leggings For Anyone Who Hates Actual Pants

Whoever wanted to wear real pants, anyway?

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1. Ruffled leggings that you can wear to work and will therefore change your life.

Promising review: "These pants are so cute! I love the stretchy material, and the cute ruffles at the hems make it look different than any other black plants! They're opaque enough so you're sure your underwear won't peek through." —Corinth

Get them from Amazon for $11.99. Sizes: XS–L. Also available in black.


4. Velvet leggings for a suave approach to disguising comfort for sophistication.

Promising review: "Soooo cute! Better than I expected! They are super high waisted and SO comfortable!" —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $26.99. Sizes: S–3XL.

7. High-waisted faux leather leggings if you want to look on trend without pulling a Ross.

No baby powder needed.

Promising review: "I love these leggings! I got the matte black and they look and feel great. They're tight but not crazy tight. I haven't had any issues with wear and tear and I've had them for several months now." —Jen S.

Get them from Amazon for $12.20+. Sizes: S–XXL. Available in three styles.


10. Cutout leggings that'll make you wonder why you ever wore ripped jeans.

Promising review: "These leggings are amazing! Pictures cannot do them justice. You can dress them up or down and they rock. I wear them a lot." —Traci Price

Get them from Amazon for $6.89+. Sizes: S–XL. Available in 10 styles.


16. Moto leggings so you can look tough without being hard on yourself.

Promising review: "Love love love these leggings. I normally wouldn't spend over $30 on a pair, but the sculpting fabric is GREAT in these. The fabric is nice and thick so you don't have to worry about underwear showing when it stretches. They also have the advantage of looking like brand-name athletic leggings, but for a fraction of the price." —Megan

Get them from Target for $39.99. Sizes: XS–XXL. Also available in black.

19. Faux leather leggings with stylish zippers so you never look *undone* despite staying comfy.

Promising review: "These leggings are comfortable, very soft, and flattering. They do not crease, bag, or bunch up." —Careful 'n Selective

Get them from Amazon for $17.99+. Sizes: S–L. Available in seven styles.


23. Galactic leggings to prove quirky prints are universally loved.

Promising review: "These are some really cute leggings! The design is very bright and quite eye catching. The material has a satin feel to it, smooth and slippery, and is opaque so you don't have to worry about what you're wearing underneath showing through." —Bronwyyn

Get them from Walmart for $12.99 (available in sizes S–4XL and in three colors) or Amazon for $11.99+ (available in sizes XS–3XL and in 43 colors).


25. Embroidered leggings that'll take about two seconds to *grow* on you.

Promising review: "I absolutely love these leggings. The quality is great and the embroidery is gorgeous." —Amazon Customer

Get them from Amazon for $12.99+. Sizes: XS–L. Available in five styles.


28. Latticed leggings for a relaxed look that will never ~cross you~.

Promising review: "These are nice leggings with cute and trendy cutouts on the sides. The same kind of leggings are $60 at Victoria's Secret, so I'm glad I found these! They're nice and not see through." —Meg D.

Get them from Amazon for $14.99. Sizes: S–XL.

29. Updated yoga leggings that'll be flexible with your schedule.

Promising review: "I'm in love! They're so cute, super comfy, and not see-through." —Jessie s.

Get them from Amazon for $8.89+. Sizes: XS–L. Available in 13 styles.

30. Shiny leggings with insulation, because winter is not the time to give up warmth.

Promising review: "I LOVE these leggings. There are so soft and comfortable that I never want to take them off. They are super warm and the silky finish of the leggings makes them look dressier. For the price I'm amazed at the high quality." —Bridgit

Get them from Amazon for $14.99. Sizes: S–XXL.

31. Fish scale leggings, because Ariel definitely only wanted to be a human after seeing these.

Eric who?

Promising review: "These are gorgeous and not overly shiny! The pattern is subtle and they are very comfortable!" —FireWitch1

Get them from Amazon for $2.90+. Sizes: S–4XL. Available in 12 colors.