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    Throw Out Your Old Sports Bras, Because Nike Is Having A Major Three-Day Sale

    THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Three days! 20% off select items!

    I'll get straight the point, people! Nike, our go-to shop for all things ~fitness~ (or lounging wear, tbh) is having a MAJOR three-day sale!

    I'm talking 20% off select running and training styles! Just enter promo code "FIT2019" at checkout!

    We have less than no time so I picked out the ~best of the best~. Let's get SHOPPING!

    1. A pair of mid-rise running leggings with both stretch and support so going for that morning jog is more rewarding than irritable. Comfort is KEY.

    2. A medium-support sports bra for staying ~in place~ during workouts like cycling, dance, and cardio classes. Not to mention, its sweat-wicking fabric will avoid any meltdowns.

    3. A spacious tote, because this'll keep your gear dry, rain or shine. No more showing up to the locker room with soggy leggings. AND you'll have plenty of room to pack your work clothes.

    4. A sweat-wicking pullover that'll keep you super dry and comfortable. Meaning: you'll actually feel GOOD about taking a run in the rain. Your sprits shall not be *dampened*.

    5. A short-sleeve running top so your outfit can stay up to ~speed~ with even intense workouts, thanks to a cooling mesh back panel and sweat-wicking fabric.

    6. Unisex spike sneakers for keeping your game *sharp*, from 1500m to 5k races. Lightweight design + flexibility + spike plates = all your training paying off.

    7. A comfortable training T-shirt, because this'll keep up with you as you box, spin, run, WHATEVER. Tl;dr: you can break a sweat, but this won't.

    8. A pair of training shorts that'll stay by your side *without* riding up as you work out. Will it show sweat stains? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

    9. A set of six pairs of low-cut training socks so your feet stay comfortable throughout your entire time at the gym. Sweaty feet are a distraction, and these simply won't allow it.

    10. A breathable, loose-fitting tank for keeping you cool and fresh no matter how much your trainer ~brings the heat~. Burpees are rough as hell, but at least your back won't be a sweaty mess.

    11. A durable, lightweight hijab, because this won't ever beg you take a break. In fact, it'll encourage you to do one more rep. YOU CAN DO IT.

    12. A lightweight T-shirt that'll raise the bar when it comes to all your other tops. They really don't stand a chance. Your now-fresh armpits will agree.

    13. A pair of running shorts so you have a classic go-to to throw on whenever you're preparing for a marathon. These'll stay with you every step of the way.

    14. Flexible running shoes (ideal for short runs) to put your best foot forward when tackling your next 5K. They have innovative soles, a barefoot-like feel, and most importantly, look really cool.

    15. A super soft tank for staying cool and comfortable for miles. It won't tell on you if you take a "quick" break.

    16. A set of three metallic headbands, because nothing is worse than dealing with falling hair mid-workout. These'll make sure you stay in the zone.

    17. A lightweight running jacket that'll hit that perfect combo of cooling and warm when you run outside.

    18. A pair of mid-rise leggings so you feel a little more *flexible* about which workout you can do that day. It'll keep up with you no matter what — yoga, jogging, whatever.

    19. Carbon-infused marathon sneakers for when you are NOT. MESSING. AROUND about training for your big day. These'll last however long you need — and comfortably carry you through to the finish line.

    20. Stretchy, moisture-wicking shorts, because wedgies are the absolute worst and these won't let that happen to you. Not in the middle of basketball practice.

    21. A high-support sports bra perfect for DD cups that'll make 2019 the year we can work out freely without having to worry about comfort or coverage.

    22. A pair of stretchy training shorts so you can, in the words of Troy Bolton, get your head in the game. Sweat and discomfort will never get in your way again.

    23. A durable training backpack inspired by military gear for having your back wherever you take it — intense hikes included.

    24. A half-zip pullover, because this will leave you high and dry, but in the best way possible. Sweat? Never heard of it.

    Don't forget to shop the rest of this amazing sale! AND to apply promo code "FIT2019" at checkout!

    When you realize you have to actually work out after buying these:

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