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    Our Exclusive Home Chef Discount Just Might Inspire You To Cook

    Get a total of $45 off with our exclusive discount code — I'm drooling.

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    Attention, Chef's Table–lovers! If you've been drooling over the TV and wish you could make something for yourself other than a box of pasta, I am here to tell you that era is OVER.

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    Me to me as I microwave a sweet potato while watching chefs somehow make moss edible.

    Home Chef, a widely-loved meal subscription service (with meals that are actually curated by chefs!), is offering a whopping $35 off your first order, and $10 off your second with our promo code BUZZFEEDHC45!


    That's $45 off! When I used this deal, my first box was only $22 for THREE meals (you get free shipping when you pick anywhere from three to six meals)! Considering I spend that on one Seamless order, that is a STEAL.

    What kind of meal plan can you get, you ask? It's v simple, yet ~catered~ to your needs. First you list how many meals you'd like for the week (two to six), then you tell them any dietary preferences and restrictions you have.

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    I'm a pescatarian, and they made it so, so easy to narrow down my choices before even browsing their meals! However it's all optional, so if you're not a picky eater you can go straight to yummy food shopping.

    All meal options have a time estimation for how long they'll take to cook (usually around 30 minutes), their difficulty level, all of the ingredients they contain, how spicy they'll be, and their nutrition info.

    Home Chef

    They even tell you what kitchen tools you'll need! Plus, every single meal is created by actual chefs who work to simplify restaurant-quality meals so you can feel capable of making them yourself at home.

    When you get your meals delivered, they all come with recipe steps so cooking is completely broken down for you — my mom will be so happy that I don't have to call her every 10 minutes anymore.

    Home Chef

    All of their meals are designed to be super flavorful and satisfying, but quick and easy to make. Aka this just might be the best way to nix your takeout habits and actually feel capable of cooking!

    And all of their ingredients are packaged fresh (kept cool by ice packs) — they source locally when possible, and choose partners with sustainability practices. Plus, their boxes are lined with recycled, compostable, biodegradable textile fibers.

    If you love it, great! You can order a new box every week, and take breaks whenever you want! The meals are different every week so you never get stuck in a cooking rut.

    Basically, if you a) want real chefs to pick meals for you so YOU don't have to get creative, b) cook these meals as easily and quickly as possible, and c) don't want to pay a lot at all, this is the subscription for you — now for cheap!

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    For a lot of us, this comes out cheaper than weekly grocery shopping! And the ingredients are already put together — aka dinner is probably ready by the next Master Chef episode.

    That's it! Happy cooking! Don't forget to use our code BUZZFEEDHC45 for $35 off your first box, and $10 off your second!

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