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    The Ultimate Guide To Buying, Wearing, And Caring For Jeans

    Because we could all use some ~jean-ius~ tips to finding denim we actually like wearing!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Dissect the anatomy of a ~perfect fit~. Pay attention to whether you have a gap in the back and if they sit slightly above your hip bone.

    2. Learn your denim terms! For example, whiskering is sadly not about a fluffy cat, rather the slight distressing found around front pockets.

    3. Check the fabric makeup for the cotton percentage (the more cotton, the higher the quality) and the elastane percentage (how much stretch the pants give).

    4. Discover the difference of brands that actually do their research — like Torrid! Every style of their jeans are broken down by rise, inseams, and are designed with Premium Shaping Lycra® technology so they're *fit* for a kween (you).

    5. Understand there really isn't such thing as "universal sizing." A size 12 at Forever 21 might not translate to a size 12 at H&M. So don't look at the tag and just focus on what feels best!

    6. Identify where your jeans should sit based on their rise, or how high they sit. For example, low rise jeans should sit snugly about two inches below your belly button (without a waist gap).

    7. Search for "rigid" jeans (or denim that's high in cotton) if you want as little stretch as possible. Aim for 98% cotton or higher!

    8. Do some research before *discounting* inexpensive brands. A lot of cheaper stores, like H&M and Old Navy have tons and tons of glowing reviews for their jeans! Did we already hunt down the best for you? Of course.

    The champion? Old Navy's Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans. I guess they earned their title, huh?

    9. Pair your height with your needed inseam measurements when shopping for jeans. For example, when it comes to skinny jeans, those 5'6" or taller should look for inseams that are 33"-34" long.

    10. Consider doubling up if you find a pair of jeans you just really LOVE. As you're probably aware by now, that doesn't always come easy. So shouldn't the good ones be ~twice as nice~?

    11. Select jeggings for denim you plan on wearing with booties. They won't bag over your shoes and will create a look look that won't bunch on the bottom.

    12. Can you wear any style jean you want? OBVIOUSLY. But try out some cuts that are widely-known to comfortably fit! You might just find your ~new favorites~.

    13. Get the most out of the cropped jeans trend by making sure your hems meet just at your ankle. That way your legs don't seem ~cut off~ and are still elongated.

    14. Study how some jeans look IRL — or the closest thing to it, at least. Customer photos or our very own reviews can give you a good idea of how certain styles look in the wild!

    15. Read the store's sizing chart before placing your order! Sizing varies store by store, so you'll want to see how they translate your measurements.

    16. Pay attention to inseam details when shopping for boyfriend jeans. Some stores will even feature different sized models and list their inseams so you can compare your own fit!

    17. Sneak a peek at the back, too! A good fitting jean will accentuate all your curves.

    18. Consider collections designed to be ~size inclusive~ to increase your chances of finding a "true fit." Brands like NYDJ offer denim technology to fit sizes 00-28!

    19. Don't worry about the length of the pants if everything else fits well. All you need to do is some DIY cropping in a few easy steps! Tldr: fold cuff to desired length, mark cut-line, and snip snip.

    20. Research before hopping on the trendy brand wagon. A lot of jeans come and go, but only *some* earn their keep (and justify their price tag). MOTHER denim combines on-trend designs with premium denim, earning a cult following. So they can stay.

    21. Explore colored jeans without leaving your comfort zone. Warm hues like maroon have the same visual effects as a dark wash, so the only thing truly new is the influx of compliments.

    22. Keep stores like Target in mind for adaptive denim. They're designed specifically for ease of dressing, have a hidden opening for abdominal access, and are sensory-and-wheelchair-friendly! Win, win, win.

    23. Try jeans with a fun hem if you're looking for a *unique* new style, but don't want to splurge on denim that won't stay in style forever.

    24. Opt for inexpensive brands like Forever 21 for trendier looks. If you don't know how long you'll want to wear them (aka five years down the road), they're probably not splurge-worthy.

    25. Throw out the notion you can't wear white jeans all year. When styled (à la below), they are perfectly cold weather appropriate. Sorry grandma.

    26. Read the inseam details when shopping for cropped jeans. A good trick: see if the store lists the size, rise, and inseam (i.e. size 27, rise 12, inseam 28.25) so you have something to base your own measurements on!

    27. See if the jeans' description mentions the fabric's "recovery" ability. That'll tell you if those jeans can snap back at the end of the day. Do you basically wear the same jeans every day (hello, me)? Then this is important — they need to be ready for action come morning!

    28. Measure a pair you already own (preferably your favorite pair) for a general idea of what best fits already.

    29. Reap the benefits of premium denim without the heft price tag. Everlane prides itself on high-quality denim (we're talking 98% cotton) but keeps the price tag under $100.

    30. Conquer the infamous all-denim look by pairing the two staples with a pop of color. It'll break all that blue up and add an interesting element!

    31. Measure yourself to get the dimensions you'll need to keep in mind while reading sizing charts. Knowing your personal measurements will make translating all of those different store fit guides actually doable.

    32. Stick to fade-resistant black jeans so you don't need to buy yet another pair of black pants come next season. Brands like Gap use technology to make sure your jeans stay intensely black wash after wash.

    33. Compare your own measurements to a store's inseam descriptions for bootcut and flares — these tend to run a little long so it's important to find a close match!

    34. Caring properly for your jeans means helping them last! A truly good pair of jeans has the potential to last forever — which actually depends on you washing them *less*.

    Me trying to get myself to wear more than just one pair of jeans like:

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