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    23 Face Masks Under $10 You'll Want To Try Right Now

    *Stares into mirror and waits for transformation.*

    1. A set of 16 sheet masks so you can treat yourself every damn night

    2. Some Indian Healing Clay for a soothing yet effective deep-pore cleansing.

    3. A (cruelty-free) brightening mask to rejuvenate overworked skin.

    4. A mint and lemon clay mask that'll tighten pores and soothe flare-ups.

    5. A black sugar and strawberry scrub with natural acidity to control excess oil and antioxidants to promote vibrancy.

    6. A mixture of papaya and pineapple enzymes for anyone seeking a smoother complexion.

    7. A mint julep for your face to pair with a real cocktail.

    8. An easy-to-use scrub and mask for the skin care addict on the go.

    9. An extravagant collagen treatment because nothing says luxury more than literal gold on your face.

    10. A two-in-one cleanser and mask with benzoyl peroxide to clear up pesky breakouts.

    11. Some detoxifying charcoal so you can clear up oil and breakouts without a facial price tag.

    12. A bunch of bubbles for a snap-worthy method to get soft skin.

    13. An invigorating dose of green tea that'll balance and refresh worn-down skin.

    14. Some cooling aloe vera if you could use some redness relief.

    15. A dynamic duo to purify pores and fight blemishes.

    16. A mini treatment for your nose should some blackheads overstay their welcome.

    17. A mix of black sugar and charcoal as an easy and quick exfoliator.

    18. A deep-cleansing formula for when your skin requires a little TLC.

    19. A charcoal peel-off mask so you can remove blackheads with all gain, no pain.

    20. Some moisture-replenishing olive oil to restore extra-dry skin.

    21. A concoction of egg whites that'll minimize pores and soak up unwanted oils.

    22. A collagen lip mask if your lips are feeling ~puckered~.

    23. And a series of helpful animals who will literally transform your appearance.

    Hand me my robe and leave me with the good wine.