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    39 Cheap Things That'll Make You Want To Dress Up More In 2019

    You won't even REMEMBER your sweats after these.

    1. A rib knit sweater dress that'll be perfect for layering over the same old t-shirt you love wearing, anyway.

    2. A loose-fit sweater for staying your relentlessly comfortable self while still managing to look *extra* presentable for work.

    3. A pair of leather leggings so you can ~kick up~ your wardrobe with some edge starting January 1st — heck, do it one leg at a time.

    4. A striped sweater dress, because this'll feel like your favorite pullover you sadly left behind JUST for the day. It will be there when you get home, I promise.

    5. A faux suede wrap skirt that'll quickly upgrade your usual toppers in just a cinch.

    6. A pair of embellished ankle boots for elevating your style while keeping you comfortably low to the ground.

    7. A printed maxi dress so you can rely on a timelessly easy outfit — the only effort required with this bb is pulling it over your head.

    8. An off-the-shoulder ruffle top, because you'll IMMEDIATELY be able to ~shrug~ off the pressures of finding an inexpensive yet sophisticated outfit.

    9. A faux leather watch with a subtle crystal face that'll stay *on hand* at all times whenever you need a quick sophisticated accessory.

    10. A sharp blazer for fashionably topping off your favorite band shirts that you can't bear to part with for even one day.

    11. A plaid pencil dress so you discover a pattern on how easy it is to style sophisticated outfits when all you need is a one-and-done piece like this.

    12. A pair of crystal tassel earrings, because these'll polish your ensembles without creating a hassle.

    13. A pair of metallic pants that'll help you shine every time you go out — all while feeling like pajama pants.

    14. A pair of patterned overalls for getting ready in a ~snap~, aka tossing these over your go-to warm tops. Who knew something other than pajamas could be so satisfying?

    15. A faux fur scarf so you can upgrade the exact same winter coat you've been wearing all winter without going up to your neck in debt.

    16. A leopard print open sweater, because this'll dress up your favorite t-shirt and jeans combo without having to get too ~wild~ with effort.

    17. A ruffled velvet dress that'll make a *smooth* transition into night before you even have time to give up and nap instead.

    18. A ribbed off-the-shoulder bodysuit for having a dressy ally that won't ever demand you tuck it in throughout the day. In fact, it promises to do all the work for you.

    19. A pair of elastic ballet flats so you can look polished at the office, minus the *sole*-crushing heels.

    20. A ruffled loose dress, because 2019 is the year we learn wearing something other than leggings can still be extremely comfortable.

    21. A double-buckle belt that'll instantly make all of your jeans look cutting edge.

    22. A pair of velvet leggings for basically wearing pajamas all day and STILL getting major credit. 2019 is beautiful already.

    23. A V-neck tunic so you can quickly throw something trendy over leggings, tights, jeans, WHATEVER. Call it presto chic.

    24. A lace bralette, because this + sheer shirt = instantly 100 seconds worth of OOTD shots. AND no underwire? We are truly blessed.

    25. A belted dress with puff sleeves that'll let you look like a grownup at work without leaving behind your true self: the one who just wants to stay wrapped in blankets all day.

    26. A pair of sequined tights to give you a leg up on polished dressing — no trip to Wolford required.

    27. A metallic A-line skirt for twirling into the new year with a whole new wardrobe. Ok, so your shirt is the same. So are your sneakers. BUT THIS SKIRT IS NEW.

    28. A faux suede chain bag so you don't have to shoulder the burden of looking effortlessly trendy. This'll do it all for you.

    29. A long-sleeved cinched dress, because this'll both make you look like an adult and get you out the door in time to actually get to work on time.

    30. A lace bodysuit that'll look upscale with anything from jeans to skirts — a.k.a. you're about to wear this for the next 12 months.

    31. A loose long-sleeved T-shirt dress for putting comfort first, but still inspiring you to post 100 seconds worth of Insta stories. Don't forget to include "POCKETS" in all caps.

    32. A set of stylish sheer socks so you can *literally* put your best foot forward January 1st. Feel free to wear 'em with sneakers.

    33. A velvet cold shoulder top, because this'll make it more than possible to grin and bare getting dressed for a night out. Dare I say...enjoyable?

    34. A pair of ruffled leggings that'll prove living in comfort will always be *in vogue*. Will you wear these for the next 365 days in a row? Absolutely.

    35. A plaid mini skirt for making it so easy to look on-trend you'll wonder why you didn't just major in fashion. Clearly you're AMAZING at it.

    36. A silk and lace cami so wearing this under your usual sweater suddenly looks luxurious.

    37. A turtleneck sweater dress, because you'll be up to your neck in compliments even when relying on just this one dress. Plus, it's subtle enough to wear ALL the time. Believe in the power of this dress.

    38. An asymmetrical ruffle skirt that'll keep your closet in ~full bloom~ all year long, thanks to its versatility. Sweater and tights? Check. Cami and sandals? Double check.

    39. A lace shirt for having a stylish no-brainer whenever you need to leave the house NOW. Why do we even own alarms?

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