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25 Gorgeous Bras That'll Basically Make You Want To Be Shirtless

Hakuna ma tatas: it means no worries (about ugly bras).

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1. A vibrant garden that'll flourish on your gals.

Promising Review: "I'm a 34D, and I was so happy that the medium fit perfectly! I also love the details of the flowers — they're even prettier in person!" —De11a

Get it on Urban Outfitters for $34 (available in sizes S-L).


4. Some sexy lace because sometimes it's nice to take a break from the bra you wear Monday through Friday.

What is laundry?

Promising Review: "I've been wearing this particular Bali bra for 25+ years and am always satisfied. Ladies — trust me; I've bought bras for $68, and they didn't fit me the way this bra does." —Crusher

Get it on Amazon for $15.50+ (available in six colors and in sizes 34C-40DD).

6. A chic sports bra that you can wear to work out *or* comfortably lounge.

Promising Review: "I LOVE this bra! I am a 36/38 DDD, and I have a VERY hard time finding a sports bra that prevents uncomfortable bouncing while at the same time not totally flattening and smooshing my breasts! This bra is perfect. I can actually RUN in this bra with virtually no breast movement." —Katherine Patterson

Get it on Amazon for $11.63+ (available in seven colors and available in sizes 34DD-40DDD).


10. Some colorful Under Armour because workout gear is the only fun part of exercise.

Promising Review: "This is a great sports bra for running. I have a treadmill, so I recommend it for indoor working out. They are so light and comfortable, yet extremely supportive." —Alice Blue

Get it on Amazon for $15.48+ (available in 49 colors and in sizes XS-XXL).


12. Some plunging mesh that'll make you feel like a real bad-ass, even if you're just eating chips in your bed.

Promising Review: "Love this bra so much! Looks so cute under low-cut tank tops!" —Katie

Get it on Amazon for $22.39+ (available in four colors and in sizes S-L).

13. Some sheer roses to either ~set the mood~ or just feel like damn royalty.

Promising Review: "This is the perfect bra for those who prefer no padding." —Cali123

Get it on Lane Bryant for $29.98 (available in sizes 36C-46D).

14. Some soft cotton with a sexy twist because you deserve to look 100% with 0% discomfort.

Promising Review: "I love that you can adjust the straps. I got the XL, true to size. Very pretty, and the material is comfortable." —Julianna

Get it on Target for $12.99 (available in two colors and in sizes XS-XL).

15. A beautiful bralette specially designed for a bigger bust, because every shape deserves a day off from an underwire.


17. Some subtle sparkles for a surprising place to add glitter to your outfit.

Promising Review: "Love this bralette! It's really comfortable, and the straps look so pretty when they show!" —andreac309

Get it on Free People for $20 (available in 14 colors and in sizes XS-L).

19. A playful ally to the struggle that is trying to not look like you're in cardiac arrest on the treadmill.

Promising Review: "I do Orange Theory, so I need a bra that has a decent amount of support for running, and this bra has it. It doesn't budge." —Athena Elliott

Get it on Amazon for $16.73+ (available in 23 colors and in sizes XS-XXL).


20. A striking motif so appealing, you won't want it to be for your eyes only.

**Shows bra to my dog.**

Promising Review: "Perfect fit The cotton is what is needed in the summer very comfortable." —Sandie12

Get it on Lane Bryant for $38+ (available in six colors and in sizes 36C-46DDD).

22. A satiny full-coverage bra for a staple that really has your back (and your front).

Promising Review: "I purchased a 34F, and it fits perfectly. This bra is butter soft, doesn't dig into my shoulders, and wears well under all my clothes. The center between the cups lays perfectly against my rib cage. I typically spent $80-$100 from speciality stores, and my bras have never felt this good." —Kelly D.

Get it on Third Love for $68 (available in eight colors, in band sizes 32B-46H).

23. A graceful bralette as a solution to wanting to rip off your clothes as soon as you get home.

Promising Review: "I'm a 32DD. 10/10 will wear every day of my life. It is so soft and cozy, I can't even tell it's there — and it has amazing support." — Gabsconway

Get it on Urban Outfitters for $20 (available in six colors and in sizes S-L).


25. A gorgeous floral pattern that I like to think Marie Antoinette would have her ladies in waiting select.