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    24 Of The Best Places To Buy Custom Engagement Rings Online

    You deserve a one-of-a-kind ring, no matter your budget!! There's a store for everyone, whether you're going for traditional, totally different, cheap AF, or willing to *splurge*.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Blue Nile, a traditional and well-established seller, creates custom rings that are accessible for every price range. Plus, they tell you everything you need to know (i.e. carats, setting styles, etc.) so you don't need to do extra research.

    2. Anemone Jewelry, an inexpensive Israeli designer (almost all options are under $100), offers tons of non-diamond options if you're looking to go the untraditional route.

    3. NY Fine Jewelry, a New York-based shop, updates traditional engagement rings for a fresh take (without veering too alternative).

    4. Jennie Kwon Designs, a modern designer, has a penchant for glimmering, on-trend creations, and works directly with customers to create their dream ring.

    5. Myray Gem, an affordable shop for blingy yet reasonably priced pieces, lets your bank account *shine on* even when you say "I do."

    6. Forever Artisans, a group of designers from Wisconsin, are committed to creating your idea of a perfect engagement ring from scratch.

    7. Love Rings Design, a shop for alternative engagement rings, puts a sparkle in everyone's eye without resorting to your everyday diamond template.

    8. Jewell Ray, a designer of simple yet unique bands, focuses primarily with metal for anyone who wants to *put a ring on it* without being too flashy.

    9. Love Jc Inc., an independent designer, uses ethical, conflict-free recourses to create sturdy, long-lasting rings that still look dainty and delicate.

    10. Catbird, a popular source for unique and fashionable jewelry, offers personalized touches to chic and gilded bands.

    11. The North Way Studio, a Washington-based workshop, strays from run-of-the-mill diamonds and explores mesmerizing moonstones, sapphires, topaz, and more for sophisticated and vintage-y vibes.

    12. Taylor and Hart, a site dedicated to personal service, consults with you on how to design your ideal ring from beginning to end so there's no room for doubt.

    13. Lex Luxe, a fine-jewelry designer, specializes in hand-crafting custom orders so that you absolutely get your money's worth.

    14. My Silver Story Shop, a delicate band oasis, puts just the right amount of bling on a minimalist's finger.

    15. Ritani, an online cross between modern and traditional, collaborates with you and your budget to make custom rings accessible for everyone.

    16. Caprixus, a Turkey-based family-owned store, flaunts a talent for combining hammered 24K gold with gemstones to give new meaning to putting a *rock* on your finger.

    17. Hello Ring, a sparkle-filled shop, boasts elaborately decorated rings available to everyone, thanks to their wide range of prices.

    18. Anna Sheffield, a fine jewelry designer, partners with established experts to hand-make high-quality custom rings.

    19. Praxis Jewelry, a California-based designer, melds textured metal with gemstones for one-of-a-kind, singular rings that'll make even the most traditional shoppers second guess diamonds.

    20. Stag Head Designs, a wide-ranging shop, offers a little bit of everything, whether you're looking for a rare-looking band or a glistening gemstone.

    21. BBBGem, a team of designers, craftsman, and gem appraisers, concentrate on budget engagement and wedding rings so you can get your dream selection without spending too much.

    22. Brilliant Earth, a well-known conflict-free site, ensures designing your own engagement ring is simple and streamlined so you don't need to wait an eternity for your forever-jewelry.

    23. Seven Carat Shop, a fine jewelry specialist, guarantees each and every design is a true work of art, thanks to their attention to detail and creatively arranged stones.

    24. Green Gem, an independent shop, hand-crafts uniquely made diamond and other stone rings that are surprisingly affordable.

    *Builds a stage* *Shows off ring to whoever will look*.

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