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    30 Beautiful Pieces Of Furniture And Decor That Are Surprisingly Cheap

    Will you deserve your own HGTV show after this? Definitely.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An oversized mirror, because this'll instantly enlarge small rooms thanks to its ability to capture natural light and create the optical illusion that your space is much larger. Now your decor AND your room look high-end.

    2. A pair of velvet dining chairs that'll give your bum some *plush treatment* every time you sit down. It turns out the only thing you needed to upgrade your kitchen was fancy seating.

    3. A vintage-y area rug so your room looks luxe from the floor up (without making your bank account hit rock bottom). Plus! When placed strategically under furniture, it can make even cramped spaces feel bigger.

    4. A metal end table for adding a welcome pop of color to any room and spending WELL under your anticipated redecorating budget. You can even use this as a creative DIY home bar!

    5. A crystal-beaded accent lamp, because this'll instantly ✨brighten✨ any room — even when the lights are turned off. AND your bank account won't look *dim*? Nobody pinch us.

    6. A wooden platform bed with a rustic pine finish that'll ~elevate~ the place in your home you value the most. Sunday Netflix binges should feel nothing short of luxurious.

    7. A metal garment rack so a) you have a stylish solution if your bedroom doesn't have a closet b) you can double your favorite outfits as creative decor and c) you're one step closer to transforming your room into an Insta-worthy oasis.

    8. A velvet accent chair for creating an easy focal point in your living room — aka you won't have to redo the whole space. Not to mention, you now have a fancy throne when watching 15 hours of nature documentaries.

    9. A hammered metal lunar multi-hook, because you shouldn't have to wait ~many moons~ to afford a stylish way to hang up your belongings. This'll look 100% better than tossing everything on the couch.

    10. A wooden end table that'll add some unexpected rustic flair to your living room. Now we just wait for the inevitable home tour requests.

    11. A swing net chair so you have the most ideal (and stylish!) reading nook ever created for mankind. This + some natural light = instant ~boho chic~ appeal.

    12. A metal canopy bed frame for designing what I assume Marie Antoinette's bedroom would look like if she lived in present day. You'll probably feel so royal with this, you'll start shopping for crowns. I say go for it.

    13. A stylish floor pouf, because this'll serve as both creative extra seating (amazing for small apartments) *and* trendy decor that won't take up much space at all.

    14. A pair of ombré curtains that'll ~shed a light~ on your amazing taste (and *not* how much you spent). But seriously, it WILL make the most out of available natural light to help make your room feel airier.

    15. A dark walnut hall tree so you can welcome guests with stylish decor as soon as they walk in — all while sneakily controlling clutter. Now a piles of shoes won't be the first thing you see.

    16. A tufted split-back futon for updating your living room with a modern touch (hello, burst of color) without spending more than all your student loans combined just to get a new couch.

    17. A retro oak desk with a riser and hairpin legs, because this'll give you somewhere chic to do your work instead of spending your entire hard-earned paycheck on furniture.

    18. A tasseled lighting sconce that'll add some unexpected texture to any space and fill it with warm light so your room always feels like a welcoming, cozy nook.

    19. A metal-and-wood bookcase so people won't be able to ~read~ between the lines when it comes to how much you spent. Who knew it took so little to make your home look so darn stately?

    20. A faux leather bar stool for making sure your guests always dine in style, even when you're just having leftover pizza. I do believe this will win your kitchen at LEAST one Michelin star.

    21. A bamboo display shelf, because you can use this for just about anything — to show off your impressive plant collection, organize your bathroom, clear clutter in your living room, you get it. No matter what, this'll make everything on it look more refined.

    22. A studded velvet headboard that'll upgrade the very bed you've had since childhood into a hotel-worthy statement piece. You suddenly have a lot of staycations on your horizon.

    23. A wooden TV stand so your friends can admire your stylish placement of knick-knacks every movie night. What once just looked like clutter (hello, little succulents on your coffee table) now have a proper place. And! Harry Potter will look even better when on this impressive stage.

    24. A tufted ottoman bench for hiding all your magazines from 2009 to automatically make your home look more put-together. Not to mention, you'll now have a sophisticated place to rest your feet.

    25. A metal console table, because what better says "sophisticated adult" than some chic entryway decor? No, we don't just throw our keys ANYWHERE. Please.

    26. An over-the-toilet storage tower that'll not only make sure you're never stranded without TP again, but transform your extra towels and toiletry into a pretty display (without your savings going down the drain).

    27. A shelf ladder bookcase so your furniture becomes a work of art itself. Better yet, it's designed to fit in corners for those of us with limited space — and for a price that's probably a fraction of what we spent on college textbooks.

    28. A glass globe floor lamp for ditching the lighting you've been using since college in favor of a more modern look. People will think you're *brilliant* before they even learn how much you saved.

    29. A mirrored end table, because this won't reflect how much you spent. Dare I say, guests will think you're the next Joanna Gaines. Just smile and nod.

    30. A vinyl storage table that'll double as a trendy accent piece when you fill it with your impressive collection. I do believe the money you save when you don't need to buy more decor will be *music to your ears*.

    You trying to redecorate your entire home for about $5:

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