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    AllSaints Is Having A HUGE Sale (20% Off Everything!) And I Am Screaming

    Including an EXTRA 20% off sale items, making some of your favorites up to 50% off!!

    Today is a special day. Why? Because right now on AllSaints you can get up to 20% off everything! PLUS an additional 20% off on SALE prices!

    I'm no math whiz, but that means some of these are going to be HALF OFF and I am SOLD! We don't have a lot of time so I picked out some of the ~best of the best~ to give you a head start.


    1. A ruffled floral dress for keeping your wardrobe in full bloom all year long. Can you wear this with tights? Yes. Alone in the summer? ABSOLUTELY.

    2. A cropped sweatshirt to prove to the world that athleisure will never go out of style. We will protect this trend at all costs.

    3. A knit-sleeve puffer coat so your outfits are never ruined by outerwear — dare I say it'll be the best part of your ensemble?

    4. A button-down sweater that'll easily help you look dressed up without sacrificing warmth — don't worry, this won't leave you out in the cold.

    5. A snake-print blouse dress, because this'll have you ready for work and out the door in just a cinch.

    6. A leather biker jacket for always having a chic topper to *sharpen* your usual tee and jeans combo.

    7. A lace-sleeved T-shirt so you can rely on something that will literally never stop looking cool. You're basically marrying this top. Mazel.

    8. A cold shoulder sweater dress with a subtle slit that'll make you want to give your black jeans a break for once. People at work will be thrilled to see you in something different.

    9. A dark denim skirt, because I have a riddle for you: will you ever get sick of this number? The answer is no. You will wear it forever.

    10. A pair of classic leather ankle boots for putting your foot down on boring basics. The rest of your outfit is begging that you get these.

    11. A semi-sheer cinched dress so you can start a ~pattern~ of wearing this Monday through Friday. Everyone will certainly understand.

    12. A snake-print top with cut-out elbows that'll very likely hiss at all other options in your closet — it's you two against the world now.

    13. A wool-blend coat to give your parka a break and accessorize your fancy work clothes with the topper you DESERVE.

    14. A cropped roll neck sweater, because its appeal will be as clear as black and white every morning. I suppose you live in this now.

    15. A pair of gray mid-rise stretch jeans with zippered ankles for having the perfect excuse to buy even more denim — these are DIFFERENT. Look at those hems. We must have them.

    16. A lightweight tank to properly layer on days it turns out your warmest sweater *wasn't* the best idea. Please do not melt on the subway.

    17. A pair of studded leather loafers so you can elevate your style while staying comfortably close to the ground.

    18. A soft wool-blend open cardigan that'll be a more stylish option to keep you warm than the sweatshirt you've been keeping at the office.

    19. A knotted T-shirt, because this'll meet you in the *middle* when it comes to looking cute while staying comfy.

    20. A draped metallic sweater dress so you can throw this on with booties and tights and tell the world how fashionable you are. Did you actually wake up ten minutes before work? None of their business.

    21. A pair of suede slouchy heeled boots to help you turn your heel on basic accessories.

    22. A roll neck sweatshirt with an unexpected slit that'll basically be the fancy addition to your sweats you never you needed. Can you wear it with absolutely anything and still look dressed up? YEP.

    23. A ruffled skirt you'll need every time you even THINK of wearing your leggings for a third day in a row. Let this help you.

    24. A mini belted dress, because this'll make you crossover from someone who swears by their leggings to a believer in this dress.

    25. A striped shirt for something you can wear all year, all day, and just really all the time. This is a very responsible adult purchase.

    26. A pair of soft faux leather leggings so the same exact sweaters you wear all the time suddenly look cutting edge.

    27. A rose-print wrap dress with a waist tie that'll guarantee your day flourishes with compliments.

    28. An off-the-shoulder studded sweater for shrugging off worries about staying on-trend despite frigid weather. This'll do all the work for you.

    29. A leather belt so you have an easy accessory to quickly upgrade all your usual looks.

    30. A pair of straight jeans with frayed hems that'll prove it's about time you joined this season's biggest trend. AND you're saving money?! This is your day, my friend.

    31. A celestial short-sleeve shirt, because you won't have to wish on a star to be able to afford such mesmerizing clothes now.

    32. A striped top with open elbows for looking on-trend without feeling ~ruffled~ while getting ready in the morning. This is all you need (ok, and pants. And shoes. But you get it).

    Don't forget to check out the rest of their amazing selection for up to 20% off PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 20% OFF SALE ITEMS! I'm clearly still excited.

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