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    Hundreds Of People Swear This Easy Kit Made Them Actually Good At Contouring

    This Aesthetica Cosmetics kit promises to come in *handy* when you want highlighted cheekbones, but have no idea how.

    Personally when I even hear the word "contouring" I get flashbacks of failed attempts that looked a lot like this:

    Enter this Aesthetica Cosmetics contour and highlighting kit ($28.99 on Amazon)! It's broken down to six creamy and blendable shades to make contouring easy enough for us rookies — I promise!

    Seriously, this kit is like a Contouring 101 class coming right to your dang doorstep. It includes a pamphlet of step-by-step-instructions, face shape diagrams, and a contour mapping guide!

    AND! Its formula is specifically designed to work with a wide range of skin tones, while the guides have instructions for all face shapes. Win and win.

    Need more proof? There are already 694 five-star reviewers and a 4.1 rating on Amazon! We beauty lovers are hard to please so *color* me impressed!

    Even if you're not a newbie, there are lots of ~contouring connoisseurs~ who love it too! Check out this review:

    Your hard work will definitely pay off — reviewers swear by its long-lasting formula!! Going straight out after work? NO. PROBLEM.

    No more pausing YouTube tutorials every two seconds just to give up halfway. We d-e-s-e-r-v-e airbrushed-looking complexions, damn it!

    OBVIOUSLY we all look *amazing* with and without makeup. But sometimes we want to do the most, but also without a lot of effort. I know I'm not alone on this.

    And I'm sure I don't have to tell you how cheap this is compared to most contouring kits! This has already proven to be just as good (if not better)! So SAVE YOUR MONEY.

    Basically today is the day we all become pros at the art of face makeup — as long as we have our ~trusty guide~ to lead us. Bless.

    Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

    When even the YouTube influencer is like:

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