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    23 Times The Musical Theater Side Of Tumblr Was Not OK

    ♫ And we knowwww it's only in our miiiiiiiinds. ♫

    1. That time Cards Against Humanity got a little too real.

    2. That time we remembered everything was terrible.

    3. That time we took a meme too far.

    4. That time we forgot how to flirt.

    5. That time someone tried to steal our glory.

    6. That time we got a little carried away.

    7. That time we turned Sondheim into a religion.

    8. That time our crossover game got a little too strong.

    9. Like scary strong.

    10. That time nothing was sacred.

    11. That time we were not about Monday.

    12. That time we were born this way.

    13. That time we wrecked online dating for everyone.

    14. That time we got a little defensive.

    15. That time we got a LOT defensive.

    16. That time we casually plotted to take over New York.

    17. That time we were all Eponine.

    18. That time we were all scarred for life.

    19. That time our priorities were a little out of whack.

    20. That time we let our stress get the best of us.

    21. And continued letting it get the best of us.

    22. That time we got way too ambitious for our own good.

    23. That time we remembered who was really in charge.