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21 Struggles Only Psychology Majors Understand

Forever Jung.

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1. Everyone assumes you majored in psychology because it was "easy."

2. And smug bio majors feel like it is their primary objective on Earth to remind you of that fact.



3. Even though there is actually a painful amount of math and bio involved in psychology.

Seriously please help.

4. Class sign ups every semester are a nightmare.

Lionsgate / Via

Look, Ma! I'm 633rd on the wait list!!!!

5. And trying to get into office hours with your professors is even worse.

Pixar / Via

It's cool it's not like I need to check in with this prof to GRADUATE or anything.

6. And let's not even get started on the post college job competition.

NBC / Via

*frantically sends out 17 more cover letters*

7. People are alarmed by your extensive knowledge of hallucinogens.

NBC / Via

You probably know more about hallucinogens than people who actually use them, at this point.

8. Non-psych majors totally don't get your ~hilarious~ jokes.

9. Which occasionally affects your flirting game.


10. Your friends suspect that you are secretly psychoanalyzing them at all times.

Warner Brothers / Via

11. When really you are FAR too busy psychoanalyzing yourself.

NBC / Via

12. Your highlighter budget is basically on par with your monthly rent.

13. The government has some serious questions about your recent google searches.

14. Grad school is pretty much a requirement if you want an actual job in this field.

TBS / Via

SURPRISE. Undergrad is the first step on a very long staircase to hell.

15. Your professors spent more time ranting about the validity of this book than actually teaching the material in it.

Please just tell me whatever I need to know to pass the midterm so we can go home.

16. You have to buy the textbooks full-price, because there's a 75% chance your professor wrote it.

17. Which means every infinitesimally tiny detail of that book will be on every test.

Nickelodeon / Via


18. There is so much overlap in your classes that every now and then you just lose your chill.

19. Your friends/parents/rando you met at the grocery checkout line will occasionally get on your case about not having a post-graduation plan.

20. And to some degree, they're totally right.

NBC / Via

Some psych majors have a post-grad plan, some don't. JUST LIKE ALL MAJORS.

21. But at the end of the day, it's doesn't matter what anybody says about your major.

ABC / Via

Can you even imagine majoring in something else?!

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