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19 Photos That Prove Crocs Will Never Die

We may have won the battle, but we will never win the war.

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1. For a long time, the bravest of humanity have tried to stamp out the Croc.

2. Extreme measures have been taken.

3. But as we all know, Crocs have proven themselves immune to our defenses.

4. And over the years, it's only gotten worse.

5. They have claimed our puppies.

6. They are coming for our cats.

7. They have infiltrated our youth.

8. They have become sentient beings.

9. They have even harnessed our technology.


11. It doesn't matter where you are -- in sunshine ...

13. ... even in complete and total darkness.

14. Forget what you thought you knew. Because they have even been masquerading as normal shoes.

16. This right here? Is the picture you find under the dictionary definition of "Stockholm Syndrome."

17. It's ... it's too late.

19. And remember ... sleep with one eye open.

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