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19 Malls Santas Who Hate Christmas

You better not shout. You BETTER not cry.

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1. "I'm Going To Eat Your Child" Santa

2. "Fight Club" Santa

The first rule of the North Pole is ...

4. "I Literally Can't Even" Santa

5. "I Don't Get Paid Enough For This Sh*t" Santa

6. "Existential Crisis" Santa

7. "Revenge Is Sweet" Santa

9. "Casually Dead Inside" Santa

10. "Please Send Help" Santa

12. "I Need The Money For Textbooks" Santa

14. "No Pictures Please" Santa

15. "Why Did I Fire My Drug Dealer" Santa

17. "My Eyebrows Are On The Naughty List" Santa

18. "Eggnog Hangover" Santa

19. "RUN, It's Too Late For Me" Santa
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