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18 Reasons This Summer Will Actually Be The Worst

Brace yourself for some warm, sunny, beautiful suckage.

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1. The mild temperature might inspire you to eat ... outside.


Curse the conveniently warm evening glow!

2. And there is nothing worse than Happy Hour on a patio.

Columbia Pictures

Could the sun please stop interrupting me drinking my cheap delicious drinks? K thanx.

3. All that extra serotonin from the extra sunlight hours could basically turn you into a monster.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Go make somebody else happy against their will, sunlight. #Rude.

4. Ice cream trucks are the lamest kind of truck.


Ice cream that sings stuff and moves on wheels. Big whoop.

5. Your entirely inconsiderate friends might rope you into a beach trip.


If you're really unlucky, you might even see dolphins splashing around from shore. *shudders*

6. Which will inevitably lead to bonfires.

Hasbro / Via

Nobody ever told a good story over a campfire. Snoooooze alerrrrrt.

7. And there is probably nothing in this world more disgusting than a s'more.


What does it even think its doing, trying to be a snack?

8. Summer romance is so played out.


Summer lovin' had me a "meh".

9. All lemonade and sweet tea are good for is wrecking your bladder.

Sneaky, delicious bastards.
Universal Pictures

Sneaky, delicious bastards.

10. Napping in the sun is so overrated.


Time to find the nearest damp cave.

11. Fireworks are trying way too hard to be cool.


IDK why you need so much attention on your birthday, America. Take a chill pill.

12. And rainbows are basically glorified light pollution.


Have some respect for the rest of the sky, you big show-offs.

13. Same goes for fireflies.


Excuse everything, you're blocking the view!

14. Summer fruit is generally so unappetizing.


Might as well just eat some thirst-quenching cement while we're at it.

15. Slip 'n slides are lackluster at best.


Slip 'n slide? More like flerp and derp.

16. Road trips are boring and unfulfilling.


You have everything in your life TOTALLY figured out, anyway.

17. Basically the whole charade is an ugly hot mess.

18. In conclusion, summer, you are not welcome here.



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