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17 Times Eddie Redmayne Was Bae

Bless this ginger ray of sunshine.

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1. When he graced the internet with this mysterious tongue work.

2. When he sexually confused us by making derpiness attractive.

Relativity Media / StudioCanal / Via

3. Only to make it worse when we were all unexpectedly turned on by his threat to "harvest the Earth."

Village Roadshow Pictures / Via

4. When he confessed he was straight up the best roommate ever.

5. When he basically was the male version of J Law when handed an award.

NBC / Via

6. When he called himself a "sugar man."


7. When this rain here ... uh ... um, I'm sorry, what was the question?

8. *sweats*

9. When he had more swag in this gif than most of us will have in our lifetimes.

10. When he owned his adorable ginger-ness.

11. When his hand did this to his hair.

EPK / Via

12. When he was the king of priorities.

13. When he made all our red carpet dreams come true.

14. When he and his wife Hannah Bagshawe out-cuted all of Hollywood.

15. Nay, the ENTIRE PLANET.

ABC / Via


16. When he had the most adorkable reaction to winning an Oscar of all time.


Congratulations on your Oscar for Best Actor, Eddie!

Working Title Films / StudioCanal / Via

(AKA the bae-est bae of all time.)

Relativity Media / StudioCanal / Via

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