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    17 Signs You're Dating A Fictional Character

    Real humans? You're over it.

    1. You've encountered this little problem more times than you're proud to admit.

    2. You have this conversation with loved ones on the reg.


    3. You saw your boyfriend's name on here in five seconds or less.

    4. You're occasionally a *bit* territorial.

    5. You've had it up to HERE with actual, breathing people trying to flirt with you.

    6. Whenever you're reading multiple series at once:


    7. You forgive, but you never forget.

    8. You have an existential crisis whenever your one true literary love pursues someone unworthy.

    9. Conversations have a habit of devolving pretty quickly.

    10. This is your version of "speed dating."


    11. This is what most of your dates sound like:


    12. And how they usually end:


    13. The holidays are always a little rough.

    14. People keep telling you you're "blurring" the "lines" of "reality".

    Warner Bros.

    15. And occasionally you have to defend whats yours.


    16. But at the end of the day, you're still everybody's go to for relationship drama.

    17. Because yours is the kind of love that lasts forever.