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    31 Things To Send To Kids Celebrating Birthdays During Lockdown

    All things fun and delicious for a perfect birthday at home 🎉.

    1. A birthday cake in a mug complete with its own candle and supplies for two mug cakes, so they can celebrate both their birthday and an *equally* important holiday — their Birthday Eve.

    2. A Frozen 2 art kit complete with markers, colored pencils, crayons, scissors, a ruler, stencils, a pencil and eraser, a 35-page notepad, three sheets of stickers, and a pencil sharpener, so they can celebrate their birthday making Elsa-worthy masterpieces.

    3. An illuminated T-shirt that comes with a luminescent ink panel kids can draw messages and pictures on with a mini light wand — and since the "ink" erases in five minutes, it's a birthday gift they can use again and again.

    4. A Dig It Up dinosaur egg set full of clay eggs and tools for kids to excavate them like legit paleontologists at work. Each egg comes with its own dino, plus fun facts about each one!

    5. An assortment of Milk Bar cookies from the iconic New York-based bakery that will help them unleash their inner cookie monster, with flavors that everyone in the family can enjoy.

    6. A set of magic bath fizzies that have surprise animals on the inside of them, plus little fun facts about each animal — a birthday gift that just keeps on giving.

    7. An illustrated Disney Princess cookbook that includes everything from Ariel's Sea Turtle Cupcakes to Rapunzel's Frying Pan Eggs, so they can spend their birthday eating like ~royalty~.

    8. A flexible roll-up piano that runs on batteries *or* USB, so they can take it into any room. Plus, they'll feel like a birthday rock star when they can record their jams on it using the playback system.

    9. A Question-A-Day journal they can write in every night before they go to bed, so every birthday they can go back and see how much they've changed over the year.

    10. A six-layer cake with a surprise rainbow inside from Carlo's Bakery (aka the Cake Boss), because everyone knows that cake tastes best in as many colors as possible.

    11. An Animal Crossing youth T-shirt for the kid who is celebrating their birthday on a virtual island and can't be bothered to cut any birthday cake until they've assembled enough bells to pay rent.

    12. A Frozen 2 Monopoly game so they can spend their birthday journeying through Arendelle, the Enchanted Forest, and ~Into The Unknown~ with the fam while streaming the movie on Disney+.

    13. A set of laser tag micro blasters safe for indoor use that will seriously amp up the birthday fun by turning the living room into their own personal laser tag course.

    14. A Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse storybook with a movie projector included that projects 20 iconic images from the film right onto the wall, so they can be fully immersed in the Spiderverse world as they read along.

    15. A set of Hatchimals CollEGGtibles full of happy little critters whose eggs only crack open after they warm it up enough by rubbing the lil' heart on the egg.

    16. A super soft lil' Pua plush to keep them company during the 157th rewatch of Moana (guaranteed to make guest appearances in all upcoming FaceTime group chats).

    17. A kid-friendly confetti glitter birthday soap with a UNICORN in it 🦄that you can fully customize for your giftee, from the type of scent to how strong the scent is to whether or not you want glitter in it.

    18. A teensy Bluetooth animal speaker with a built-in mic for calls so the next time you call the birthday kid, they can be like, "Hold on, lemme answer my penguin."

    19. A Baked By Melissa mini cupcake pack perfect for any kid whose favorite cake flavor is "all of them."

    20. A handily divided construction plate and utensils with easy-to-grip handles so the lucky birthday kid can quite literally forklift their cake into their mouth.

    21. A pre-stuffed cuddly Build-A-Bear to accompany them on whatever movie is nearest and dearest to their hearts right now, whether it's a Star Wars marathon with the family or an adorable foray into How To Train Your Dragon.

    22. A Descendants activity book full of over 200 (!!) stickers, so the birthday kid can design all sorts of fun pages for the characters, including their costumes and rooms.

    23. A What Makes A Hero book about Marvel icons like Captain Marvel, Gamora, Black Widow, and Shuri, so they can learn from all their (kid-friendly!) action-packed adventures.

    24. A Color Chemistry lab with instructions and materials for 18 experiments in the box, including making colorful snow globes, crystal effects, and water beads.

    25. A copy of Why? 1,111 Answers To Everything, so they can spend their birthday unlocking all the secrets of the universe and share them all with everyone each night at dinner.

    26. A set of three Jars By Dani cake jars you can choose the flavors for, full of kid-friendly options like fudge brownie, cookies and cream, cake batter, and cookie dough 🍪.

    27. A paint-your-own-s'mores set so once all the birthday cake is done, they'll still have a sweet treat *and* an opportunity to channel their inner marshmallow artist.

    28. An invisibility cloak that uses the magic of green screen technology and a specialized app to make any Harry Potter fan look like they ~disappeared~, guaranteed to bring hours of indoor fun.

    29. A kids' scratch-off book poster that essentially doubles as a reading list — every time they read one of the 100 classic books on the poster, they'll get to scratch it off to reveal a little doodle.

    30. A Super Slime Studio from Nickelodeon that comes complete with everything they need to make their own personalized slime, whether they want it old school, glittery, crunchy, or full of confetti.

    31. A ginormous inflatable air tent that's easy to assemble and take down, so they can have their own little birthday fort right in the living room (without any time-consuming cleanup after!).

    The lucky birthday kid opening up one of these special gifts from you:

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