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    Just 24 Ridiculously Cute Sailor Moon Products You Can Buy Right Now

    Fighting evil by moonlight, lookin' real cute by daylight.

    1. A cozy triple wash Luna T-shirt that simply puts all the wolf versions it was no doubt inspired by to shame.

    2. A Rainbow Guardians tee with all your faves in what is arguably the cutest iteration of their uniforms.

    3. A dainty Sailor Moon cuff earring set so subtle in its nods to the manga/anime that only true fans who see your ears will be like 🌝.

    4. A set of Sailor Scout tie-dye sweatshirt and tie-dye sweatpants, because the odds of any of us ending 2020 without a matching tie-dye sweatsuit has officially reached 0% anyway — might as well be on brand.

    5. A set of 75 (!!) Sailor Moon stickers so you'll always have them on hand for sticker-related emergencies (laptops! water bottles! the fridge!!), and also have plenty to give out to fellow fans.

    6. Or some key individual Sailor Moon stickers that capture the Big '90s Mood of it all.

    7. A Sailor Moon brooch bottle stopper, so you can be all, "Moon ... Prism ... PINOT!!!!" the next time you transform on wine night.

    8. A set of Sailor Moon-inspired makeup brushes based on the designs of some of her wands, tiaras, and other iconic looks.

    9. A Sailor Moon print mug you can fill up with coffee until you're finally bouncing like a Luna Ball again.

    10. A game of Sailor Moon monopoly with rose-colored game pieces you can take through the board to fight the Negaverse and defend the Moon Kingdom using the power of love and friendship ❤️✨😭.

    11. An "existing is exhausting" acrylic block for your desk to remind yourself to cut yourself some slack and take a snack break — after all, Usagi would.

    12. A cropped Sailor Moon long-sleeved tee with some truly nostalgic pastel vibes about it.

    13. A Sailor Moon face mask covering inspired by her iconic bed sheets in the '90s anime.

    14. Plus a blanket and pillowcase in the OG print, so you can take your day naps Usagi-style.

    15. A Sailor Moon-inspired Nintendo Switch Lite cover, because while the aesthetic of your Animal Crossing island is important, what's on the outside of it matters, too.

    16. A Luna-inspired makeup hairband to keep your hair locked in place while you wash off a day's worth of winning love by daylight and prep to fight evil by moonlight.

    17. A Sailor Moon glitter cup with a lid and straw, because when it comes to fighting the Negaverse, hydration is key.

    18. A "boys are the enemy" T-shirt to pay tribute to Usagi, who was a true '90s meme ahead of her time.

    19. A set of six pairs of Sailor Scout socks perfect for matching to whatever mood you're in when you wake up in the morning (unless you're Usagi, in which case, the afternoon).

    20. A Sailor Moon choker set with sweet little details that give it a feel as timeless as the manga.

    21. A set of Luna and Artemis sticky tabs, because if we learned anything from Sailor Moon, it's that when your life is a mess these cats have got your back.

    22. A Sailor Scout long-sleeved tee with the OG team front and center, as they well deserve!

    23. A Sailor Moon gift set you can send to a fellow fan, with artwork so straight out of the '90s that I personally am confused about how old I am right now.

    24. A Sailor Moon bikini top and bottom for cosplaying *and* swimming — two birds, one ridiculously cute stone.

    You beholding all these cute Sailor Moon goodies and following your '90s bliss:

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