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    26 Adorable Fall-Themed Things You Can Get For Under $10

    It's not *really* fall until you light a mini pumpkin-shaped candle while sipping pumpkin tea out of your "It's Fall, Y'all" mug.

    1. A pack of 240 fall leaves window decals, because why settle for an outdoor full of lush leaves when you can have a whole indoor full of 'em, too?

    2. A lovely leaf jewelry set complete with dangling earrings and a matching necklace to add some unbe-leaf-ably adorable fall vibes to any outfit.

    Model wearing a pair of gold dangling leaf earrings and matching gold pendant leaf necklace

    3. Or a set of Halloween earrings with so many pairs that you'll have to strategize which days you're wearing all of them to fully optimize their spooky potential. (That, or share some with your friends!)

    4. A Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit with such detailed and easy instructions that before long, you'll be enough of a pro to sew Sally a new dress.

    the cross stitch set

    5. A gorgeous autumn-themed bookmark so when you get all snuggly wuggly under your blankets and read on a rainy fall day, you can commit to the aesthetic.

    A bookmark with a window pane design that shows a rainy autumn day

    6. A versatile battery-operated light-up leaf garland so autumnally appropriate that you might want to buy two — one for your mantle, and one to casually drape yourself in on your fall evening walks.

    The leaf garland lit up against a dark background

    7. A fall-themed mug you can get to suit your two fall moods: cheerful apple picking Instagrammer by day, and spooky goth tea drinker by night.

    8. Plus a ridiculously yummy defac pumpkin spice tea made with a blend of cinnamon, ginger root, natural pumpkin spice flavor, clove, and nutmeg so perfect that it'll feel like you're literally guzzling a warm cup of fall.

    Editor holding mug full of tea with milk in it

    9. A cheerful "Happy Fall" banner to add an extra cozy touch to tie all your fall decor together, whether you're hanging it on the mantle, outside, or even your WFH desk.

    Burlap letters on a string printed to say "Happy Fall" with a pumpkin in the middle of the words

    10. A stunning fall-themed paint-by-number that comes with everything you need – including 22 paint colors! – to create your perfect autumnal masterpiece.

    Painted scene of a couple walking along a rainy fall path

    11. A pouch of Mystical Fire, a long-lasting flame color changer that will not only amuse and delight, but might finally get the neighborhood kids to start a rumor that you're a witch the way you've been hoping they will every year.

    A campfire with rainbow flames

    12. A pumpkin spice hair clip so chic and eye-catching that every barista in Starbucks will know your order the moment you walk in the door.

    Model holding four hair clips with different shapes and a burnt orange, gold, and brown leaf pattern on them

    13. Plus a pair of pumpkin spice latte socks so beloved by the masses that they sold out MULTIPLE times last year (and I would know, because I bought them myself and then had to continually check to see if they were back from other PSL fans who wanted them).

    Editor in a pair of beige socks with orange printed leaves, pumpkins, PSLs, and acorns

    14. A mini pumpkin griddle, because honestly, eating a mini waffle or pancake that isn't shaped like a pumpkin during fall is disrespectful to breakfast.

    pumpkin-shaped waffles made using the orange griddle

    15. A set of glittery fall leaf nail decals so you can casually flex your flawless manicure at every family gathering from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

    Model with holographic orange, yellow, and silver leaves on their nails

    16. A set of fall-themed cookie cutters with an assortment of shapes so perfect and easy to decorate that you'll basically become a local baking influencer by winter.

    17. A set of pumpkin spice Instagram presets that will make every picture you take look like you're living in an autumnal daydream where flannel reigns supreme and people who hate PSLs can never hurt you.

    Models in photos that are altered to look more vintage and orange in aesthetic

    18. A teensy weensy pumpkin caramel latte candle that actually sorry, you can't have, I bought every single one of them and they are all my children now. Better luck next fall!!!

    An amber colored pumpkin shaped mini candle lit on a table

    19. A lil' pet bandana you are legally obligated to put on any dog who goes to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard this fall, I don't make the rules!!

    An orange and cream plaid pet bandana

    20. A sweet lacy maple leaf table runner to add a little extra autumnal flair to your dining room, coffee table, or even under the TV.

    Orange sheer lacy rectangular table runner with maple leaf pattern

    21. A pumpkin-shaped decor warmer so you can make your living room smell like you're chilling inside a delicious pumpkin pie.

    The contents of the pumpkin-shaped decor warmer set in packaging

    22. Or an adorable lil' autumn-themed room spray with notes of fresh cranberry, spiced pumpkin, crisp apple, and rich clove to give any room Instant Fall Vibes when you need them most (read: always).

    Editor holding small green canister of room spray

    23. An "Autumn Scenes" adult coloring book so even on the weekends you *can't* pile into the car for a trip to the pumpkin patch, you can color your way there instead.

    24. A pumpkin-shaped spoon rest perfect for all your pumpkin cooking and baking needs, whether you're making a cozy soup or cream cheese pumpkin muffins or — be still my spooky heart — chocolate chip pumpkin scones.

    A spoon resting on an orange pumpkin spoon rest

    25. An "It's Fall, Y'all" stemless wineglass, because *someone* has to let everyone know, and it might as well be you and your Pinot.

    Two clear stemless wine glasses with "it's fall, y'all" written, one in orange and the other in gold

    26. A woven corn husk pumpkin figurine that will look oh-so-cute perched on your front entryway all fall long, especially since it's versatile enough to match pretty much any aesthetic you had in mind.

    When the pumpkin pie room warming scent starts to kick in:

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